10 comments on “Casa De Mellencamp

  1. No mention of his gal pal, Meg Ryan? Have you seen photos of her house? The one I saw was industrial modern + very appealing to me.

    • I left her out of the story. Of course she influenced him to update the place profesionally….I’ll look up her house-s now.

  2. Love it, very unexpected to me– just didn’t picture him in such a tranquil setting I guess, ha. Very industrial gothic, serious motifs represented by almost playful or rustic installations. Looks like a great place to take a nap or finish a book! And Savannah is one of my favorite places. Thanks for posting. 🙂

      • Midnight in the Garden is my favorite! The characterization, the suspense, the history, and the drama are addictive. Got to see the outside of Mercer House as a kid and it left quite an impression on me, major item on my bucket list is to visit inside! And to own that particular issue of Architectural Digest. 🙂

    • I retread it every few years just to remind myself how wonderful it is……..AND I always have a few extra copies on hand to give to someone who hasn’t read it. All my friends, and family, love that book too!

  3. You should read is The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy detailing his real-life experiences as a young teacher of the isolated African American kids on Daufuskie back in the 60’s. Fascinating, poignant, and a GREAT movie called Conrack starring a young Jon Voight was made from it. I’ve always wanted to go there, but obviously it’s become a bit touristy and a vacation spot for the rich and famous now, so not exactly the same unspoiled place it was 😦 Love the house, though 🙂

    • Never heard of it, Amber. And The Prince of Tides is one of my favorite books. I knew Pat Conroy grew up in that general area. Thanks for the new “Summer Read” suggestion……I’m ordering one off of Amazon now.

      • Awesome! But do try to catch the movie (Conrack) some time – that’s the real treat! Jon Voight is AMAZING. They show it on TV occasionally…

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