18 comments on “Look What I Found

    • I know Vickie!! At first glance….he looks so good in it…BUT WOW…those letters on the back. Think I know why Jessica gave it up…..

  1. That Indian Head is to die for!!! As for letters—scrabble is fun!! A plain C for Cavender. A word loved in our house is “camp” , “Lion” just because everyone loves a good lion and the best one…. Te Amo (I love you) Doesn’t get better than that.

  2. That Indian head is amazing!! As for the scrabble game… A place C for Cavender. “Camp” is a fun thing for folks in our house. “Lion”… just because lions are cool and finally… “Te Amo” (I love you) is perfect.

  3. So they were the Immaculate Conception Indians? That’s too good to let go . How about a pillow made from the jacket back?

  4. “Calico Cat”
    “I am Cool”
    “Mice Motel”
    “Nice Camel”
    “Eat Meat”
    “Cute Taco”
    If you turn a “M” upside down you can have a “W” for “Wine Time” or “Welcome”

  5. “Mice Motel” had me laughing, until I remembered that last winter my house WAS one. (Although I can’t complain too much – hubby had to do all the corpse removal – hey do you have the letters to spell that?)

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