13 comments on “Contain That Mess…

  1. My tray came off my ship when I was in the navy. That one is better. It is like Andy Dufresne used it in Shawshank prison.

  2. Hi there!
    Just found your blog and absolutely LOVE your home & your style. What an inspiration & lots of great tips. I´ve been longing for some new inspirational blogs out there & feel so happy I stumbled upon yours(actually when i was searching the web for som Nate Berkus + Target inspiration).
    I´ll stick around from now on:-)!
    Kind regards, Tina from Sweden

  3. This is so funny! My husband and I own a seafood restaurant in Cowpens, SC. The Wagon Wheel Fish Camp. We serve on these! We actually had one customer refuse to eat on it because he had been eating on them for 12 years (in prison)! Love your blog!

  4. “But he doesn’t have a blog.” Made me laugh…as you usually do. Ok, so I was an elementary school teacher (forEVer) and in my building we used plastic trays like this for serving lunch. When they ditched them (which was so sad) I claimed one to use for a desk drawer (pencils, erasers, white out tape (back in the day) paper clips, etc.) and there was even one in pink! About 25 years old, it is. And I love it. This is very cool, and a great idea. I would love one!

  5. Great idea and really useful, but I would use it to make tv dinners for the freezer and then be able to have a yummy meal preprepared. But then again it couldn’t go in the microwave and the oven requires some forward planning. OK, your idea is better.

    • I wouldn’t want to handle that steel tray after it came out of a hot oven either……Just use it for sorting jewelry on a dresser 🙂

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