15 comments on “A Little Something on the Side……

      • If you hadn’t bought it I would have driven to Texas and bought it myself! Small Town Colorado just doesn’t have that kind of treasure in our thrift stores! Great find!

  1. That’s the one I would have chosen as well! It looks fantastic ! Can’t wait to see your Christmas decor! Take care!

    • Thanks Kim, we are so anxious to start. Jamie wants to set up outside lights this weekend (but keep them off ’till December…because we’re not tacky) but it’s raining like it did in Biblical times.

  2. Omg, I was about to say the red desk or the trunk. I have a great old desk but it isn’t red. It would also look great with an Indian blanket folded and put inside if you want a change.

  3. LOL — this post was a little like a mystery novel! The suspense! But I digress. What I wanted to say is I LOVE the red desk. Red + metal + age = havetohaveit! 😉 Fun post!

  4. Spoilt for choice! I’d like at least 5 of those. You’d better be quick if you plan to buy more – every one in your area will be heading out for a spot of shopping today.

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