7 comments on “February 14, 1985

  1. Lord, I don’t even like to remember some of the cringe-worthy dates I had in high school, much less talk or write about them! Enjoyed reading about yours, though, LOL! The mom driving/car not starting part reminds me of the Karate Kid 🙂 Love that you kept and framed the drawing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. That story and pictures brings back memories for anyone who was a teen in the 80’s. Complete with the beige carpet, brick fireplace and brass lamp – I am pretty sure I have been a ” Deanna” at one time too😉

  3. James, been there, done that…penny loafers, hairspray….Jennifer (my date) and all….! Love this story…thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. Fantastic story! Thanks so much for sharing it – and the pic of you in your suit is classic (having survived the bad clothing of the 80’s myself). Glad that Deanna and you can laugh about the night, and hilarious about Pete not recalling it at all.

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