9 comments on “I Was in an Opera Once

  1. Saw a photo of your garage on Houzz. What, there’s a blog where I can see more? Your style is wonderful! So classy, so rustic, so colourful, so conscious of reuse, repurpose, recycle. Will be a follower forever more. Thanks for sharing.

    • PAT!!!!! You just made my morning…If you like our garage…you will LOVE our bathroom. We’ve been slaving away in that little room all week. Wait ’till you see…..

      • Can’t wait; I already know I’m going to like it and I’ve only known you guys for an hour. Now I have to pry the mouse from my hand and my eyeballs from your site and go get some yard work done.

    • LOL, You are killing me. (I hear ya, I NEED to get back in that bathroom)…you can catch up on our 460+ posts later…they won’t go anywhere….

  2. Well, thank you for planting the Elmer Fudd seed in my brain! Now I am going around singing “kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit” constantly! It’s been like the last song you hear on the radio! Can’t get Elmer Fudd out of my head! It’s weally, weally annoiWing!! Love you in spite of this, for weal!

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