6 comments on “Revisiting Mike Wolfe’s Home

  1. OMiGosh — there go my “less-is-more” musings! For some reason, I’ve not gotten the last couple months of CL mag! Perhaps I can squeeze in a trip to the library today to have a look-see.

  2. Your blog had been giving me fits loading on my old iPad. My new iPad loads your photos much better! But that’s not why I got a new iPad. I tucked the old one under my arm while dumping trash in the dumpster and then dropped it (twice) on the concrete carport floor. The glass was cracked and the frame was all bent up and that was as good a reason as any to get the new iPad! I love all the old vintage stuff in Mike’s home! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love it all -but- I am soooo tired of the color gray . Brings me down, especially in a kitchen or bedroom.

  4. Fun home! And I too have a crush on him. Thanks for posting! Last but certainly not least – their child looks like a tiny Josh Groban.

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