23 comments on “Concrete Shower Pan : Take 2

  1. So sorry to hear your news, but it will all be worth when all is said and done! Take care you guys. Looking forward to seeing the end result! 😊

    • We’re making progress Kim……..we’re just not in any rush. I’m anxious to show y’all the tile, 2 walls are finished. It looks amazing!

  2. I know that must have been beyond frustrating, but thanks so much for sharing your mistakes along with your success stories. The information is priceless and so are the two of you!

    • Awe thanks Gayle! You are too sweet. Looks to me like our bathroom does have a price – a chunk of our souls. LOL wait till you see the tile! It’s stunning !!!

    • LOL!!!!!! Of course I keep thinking about the next bathroom too!!!!! Jamie gets nervous every time I mention it. “Must focus on current project” – (says to self)

  3. Take heart guys! We’ve all been there. It’s just another day in the life of a construction project. So many frustrations. It looks like you used bitchethane (sp?) as the moisture barrier? Excellent choice. That shower will NEVER leak. Great installation! Keep your eyes on the prize.

    • I’m not sure what he used…..it’s thick. It’s a process, I know that much. But we are doing it ourselves, and learning along the way . There’s a prize waiting for us someday . I know it!

  4. Salty sailor language aside, thanks for sharing the tips and tricks of your bathroom DIY. We installed new glass shower doors last year, and we had to take them down three times before we got all the leaks fixed. I can’t wait to see the tile pictures!

    • Ohhhh Gina, now you have me worried about the shower door. Hehehe, just wait till you see the tile. It’s stunning in that small room.

  5. If those were the only two bad words you said, I applaud you. I would still be saying much worse and I’m sure you would be able to hear me in Texas and I’m in Atlanta. I know it is going to be amazing!

  6. I have been wondering for SO long what has been going on with your bathroom … and now I get it! Ugh. That sucks!! Glad to see y’all are on the righteous path now! Good luck with the rest of your reno. I can’t wait to see it. I know it will be amazing!!

    • Thanks Jennifer. It’s been slow. We are pretty anxious to share the tile progression……it looks so wonderful….in spite of a few bumps along the way.

  7. Is the shower going to be concrete when you are done? I bet that will look so cool! Kudos to you guys for even trying to figure all that out.

    • We thought about s concrete floor, but choose a pebble instead……we’re not far from tiling the floor now. Promise to keep y’all posted on the progress.

  8. While I’m sure that experience was horrid in many ways, take heart that there are a lot of us out here in space who will benefit from your experience! Do you plan to write a tutorial on this topic that we could follow? I have a bathroom in need of renovating, and I keep putting it off. Mike Holmes has scared me about every contractor out there (his shows are my idea of horror films!) and I don’t know which websites to trust! Except I know I could trust yours! 🙂

  9. I feel your pain. Very deeply. We have had several of these of varying intensities and they hurt and are frustrating. (Actually, I think it started with dressmaking when it would go wrong and I would rip the whole thing up. Mature. But you can’t do that with your home). But it will be worth it. But I also have to ask…..have you done or are you going to do the hot mop of the shower? Or is the plastic liner instead of it? And if so is it going to be strong enough to withstand years of use? Anyway, have a drink, or a few and know you are in good company. ❤

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