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    • That was my favorite one too….Who knew Casper could be soo scary.. Also, why is the kid in the Mickey Mouse costume wearing a skull mask? Is that a statement on Disney or something?

  1. FUN post. Since we moved every year in my youth (military), and my father was rarely around to help with the packing/unpacking chores, my mother kept sheets with eyeholes at the ready whenever time was short or the weather was unseasonable chilly and we had to wear coats.

    Five little “ghosts” dragging pillowcases to hold the loot. I’m not sure we really cared as long as we returned home with enough candy to stock a store.
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    • I was a “Store Bought” ghost when I was 7…when I opened the box I on Halloween day was mortified to see that it was a dress…..of sorts

      • LOL – those Casper the Friendly cartoons ruined it for a lot of little boys who thought boy ghosts were supposed to have legs. Maybe one of them was a protester kid with the skull mask and the Disney costume?

        Inquiring minds want to know: did you wear the ghost “dress” anyway?

    • Of course I did. It was a very memorable Halloween. My mother was in the hospital (Holy Shit, tomorrow is my brother’s birthday!) and my grandmother took us trick-or-treating. She was tired after just 3 houses.

      • My grandmother was less than useless in that regard as well. Mostly we went “alone” – meaning that I was the official babysitter, as the oldest.

        So unfair – I could have covered a lot more territory without “the little kids” in tow. By the time they were old enough to forage on their own, I was too old for it (not that it would have stopped me, actually, but the neighbors scolded teens who tried to do so).

        Good life lesson early: not everything in life is fair – get used to it and get over it! 🙂

  2. You are so right! Those are really creepy, but in an interesting way! I never thought about how creepy it is to see an animal’s head on a normal human body. That’s the kind of costume I wouldn’t mind wearing. Great photo collection!

  3. The little girls in flowered frocks and covered heads are creepy to me. It’s the juxtaposition of sweet and weird, I think. Also black and white pictures seem spookier. The weird eyed end costumes in the large group is a dandy also. Have you read the book Miss Periginne’ s Home for Peculiar Children? (Title should be in italics ,but I don’t know how to do it.) Anyway that whole book is based on old photos the author came across at flea markets .

  4. My favorite Halloween was back when I was somewhere between the 8th and 9th grade. I had just returned from trick or treating with my sweet and tasty loot in tow. As I began the tradition sorting of the candy, my Mother came in and looked at my haul. “I want to go trick or treating again,” she remarked somewhat wistfully. “Let’s do it!” I cried. My mother’s mischievous grin broke forth and she darted from the room. A few moments later, she returned wearing an old black cat costume she had sewn years ago for a costume party. She donned her cat masked, we grabbed our goodie sacks and headed out the door. A few steps down the sidewalk and she suddenly stopped. “What’s up?” I asked. “Just for tonight…” she began grinning, “…call me Betty.” So Betty aka Mom and I romped through the neighborhood and had the best time ever!

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