19 comments on “Handled With Care?

  1. Hey James!

    I have collected Victorian and vintage ornaments for decades, probably 1,000 of them. Here’s my tree filled to capacity (yes, I know YOU could squeeze more on there!) with ornaments. The last photo is of my Victorian feather tree filled with birds.

    If ya’ll are in DC feel free to stop by.

    Love your blog!

    Merry Christmas and a Peace filled New Year!



  2. I’ve seen your pictures of your tree with all your vintage ornaments! That picture was pitiful! It didn’t do the ornaments you have justice. You should’ve just sent her a picture! Safer and a much better representation of vintage ornaments!

    • I though the same thing….I would have added some beaded garlands and tinsel. I gave them about 30 really cool ones too. Those are the 3 they choose? HHHmmmm

    • attention/abuse…..kinda the same thing in Blog-land. Good Housekeeping had me take about 100 pictures of my garage for them….and then forgot to pay me.

  3. Bummer I would be so mad. Next time send them to Curiousities. I too love my vintage ornaments. I keep them out in a glass display jar all year!

  4. 1) “…are in need of a restaurant, or lawyer, or plastic surgeon.” Bahaha!
    2) The awful irony.
    3) Why the heezie didn’t she send someone to photograph (well) all your vintage ornies? I know you must have an entire tree of just that. Or more. Probably more.

    • Glad that you enjoyed. Pretty sure I’m a much better photographer that their dude too. At least……I have plenty of experience photographing ornaments already. hehehe

  5. Dang! I am SO disappointed in them!!! All the way around….they totally missed a terrific opportunity here. I agree the photographer SHOULD have come to your home and photographed YOUR tree. And I hope there was some really sincere remorse expressed by them. These ornaments cannot be replaced….and mishandling/destroying them is so disrespectful!!! Shame on D Magazine…..they are way more professional than what this represents! PLEASE do a post for US, showing your holiday decorations……Merry Christmas to all under your roof! XOXO

  6. I am so sorry! Maybe they can find one just like it and replace yours. Merry Christmas to you both and thank you for your blog. It is so enjoyable and I love the things you do and say. Sharing part of your life is a gift to us.

    • Awww thanks Diane, Trust me, I have plenty more ornaments. I’m so glad that you enjoy my/our adventures….it’s actually kinda fun documenting them. I’m happy just to have someone read them. 🙂

  7. JImmy, I got your book. Love it and am glad to see how much you are loving life. A pox on Good Housekeeping! Aunt Pat

  8. The whole story is unfortunate….how sad they missed your whole point! Sadder but wiser I suppose…but remember your sharing is a very important part of who you are….and we appreciate that….very much!

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