15 comments on “January 8th

  1. Brass switch plates are the best present EVER! When we moved from the city to the country for our first house, my husband collected all the brass switch plates and had them cleaned and relaquered.

  2. There is always such love and thoughtfulness in the stories you write! I am a fan; it brightens my day! –Erik

    • Erik, if we lived together you would get to hear these stories over and over. I’ve been told that certain landmarks will spark the same story from me every time I see it…….I’ve been told.

    • Gloria, I’m so glad that you liked it. I’ve had enough time to polish it up…..I’ve been telling this story for almost 30 years. (Google God…..that’s a long time)

  3. My grandmother used to smoke when you were on the phone with her. God, I miss that sharp inhale…which usually meant she was biting her tongue. Although, I don’t really ever remember her not saying exactly what came to mind. Her tongue could cut like a knife, but oh man, she was entertaining. Thanks for the story!

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