5 comments on “Good Night, Ringling Bros…

  1. I think it is really sad. Seeing it on the internet is not the same as the smells, the real thing. Wonderful blog and tribute to them, I will miss Ringling!

    • We used to go to the circus every year when I was a kid. The smells, the peanuts, the shear spectacle. And I took Jamie for his birthday a few years ago. We sat down front, dead center. It was thrilling. Sure Circ du Soleil is pretty……but it just isn’t Ringling….I hate when eras end….

  2. I saw a story about Ringling Borthers circus on the CBS Morning Show a few days ago. I have a vague memory of attending the circus as a child. It’s not really my thing but it’s sad that it’s another part of our past going by the wayside.

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