10 comments on “Shoot First…

  1. Thanks, I watched it on Netflix last night. It was wonderful and I am not sure I would have watched it without the nudge. I Don’t think I knew the name, but I sure knew his photographs!

    • Christine, I’m so glad that you liked it. I knew him from the Beatles and Ali, but that’s it. I had no idea that he shot all those images that I already knew too. I LOVE a good documentary……glad that I could share it.

  2. Great Post James. Will watch it on Netflix. I grew up in the 60’s looking at Life magazine & Photoplay movie magazine (my mom subscribed to). It was a time of daydreaming and enjoying looking at the lives of the “rich & famous” . Lord knows, you weren’t going to find that type of life in Sanger Tx. I still enjoy looking at those black & white photos from way back. I even have one of the Beatles first albums, with their 4 heads on the cover. Can’t put my hand on it right now. Ringo was my favorite. I always went for those shorter, different looking guys!

    • I still enjoy old Life magazines…and National Geographic too….I can get lost looking at old issues in antique malls for hours. John is my favorite Beatle, I’ve got a John inspired tattoo in my future. “Living is easy with eyes closed” on my shoulder….maybe this fall.

      • James, speeaking of looking at old Life magazines, my
        Husband loves history and for years now, he buys old Life magazines and gives them for birthday presents with the weekly date, of course, on the cover to reflect their birthdate, Its getting harder to find his friends birthdates nowadays, as those issues are becoming antique & collector items. Lol.

      • That’s a great idea!!! I have a few that mean something to me, like Oswald with his riffle. In fact, I just got John Glenn for the bathroom. You’ll see…..

  3. Watched it last weekend. Thanks for recommending it! Harry is an interesting guy, and his work ethic is crazy – to be in all those places, wow!

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