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  1. Love…Love…Love your collections of Christmas decor. I am a sentimental fool, and when it comes to these things…the older the better, the history and sentiments touch my soul!. Merry Christmas. I

  2. What a wonderful post. The nostalgia and your love for these amazing Christmas treasures really warmed my heart. Looking at some of the ornaments actually a gave me a time trip back to my childhood. Love your enjoyment and obsessive enthusiasm. Thank you so much.

  3. I have most of my parents ornaments, circa 1940’s and some that my dad brought back from Germany after the war. I don’t use them every year, but sometimes I just go for a vintage tree! My favorite are these old silver pine cone shaped ornaments…..those I really love and they are usually on display in bowls!! Not sure what happens to all this cool stuff after we are gone. But for now…they are treasured!

  4. I have to say that out of all the blogs I had read this season yours touched my heart! Thank you . As a child of the 50s I remember the shiny brite ornaments on the tree and have a collection of my own now. I have a plastic snowman with a pipe in his mouth that my mother bought me at Woolworths one Christmas that I still love. I think he had small suckers in his back. A walk down memory lane. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • So very glad that you enjoyed this!!! But now, I’m obsessing about finding a plastic snowman with a pipe. LOL. I did most of my Christmas shopping at Woolworth’s when I was a little kid too. I used to get my mother “jewel encrusted” Christmas brooches. She gave me back one a few years ago…..it’s now a family heirloom.

  5. I love anything Christmas!! The older the better!! I do have my grandparent’s things but there wasn’t a whole lot left at the end. My grandmother went thru the wanting “new” stage but luckily she saved the old. You have a huge treasure trove!! I’d have a hard time putting those things away every year!! And where in the world do you store everything?!?

    • I’m an extremely organized hoarder. I have several hiding places. There are shelves over the garage door with a dozen tubs…and the banquet in the kitchen is completely hollow. Also, the attic is pretty stuffed. Maybe someday I’ll stop accumulating……..HA!!!! No I won’t.

  6. Hi! I’m Nancy Owens’ mom. She says she went to school with you. I see we share a great interest in vintage Christmas ornaments. My folks had Shiny Brite for years and then I asked for them. I think they may have had them before I was born. Those are at least 70 yrs. old, maybe older. I also collected the wartime non-silvered ornaments with paper caps and hanging tab. I love all of them and they were more meaningful than any plastic Hallmark piece or even Christopher Radko baubles.

    Enjoyed your blog! Lorrie Slaughter

    • Hi Nancy’s mom!!! Yup, we went to Marcus and Tech together. So glad that you able to hold on to your parent’s ornaments. Years ago, I was showing my mother some old Polish balls I scored and she said that my grandparent’s tree was covered in them……when they upgraded to a 70’s modern theme….no one in the family wanted those old things, and they were tossed. So sad. Lucky you still having a part of those old family traditions. Merry Christmas

  7. I loved your story. BEAUTIFUL ORNAMENTS! Reminded me of the Christmases of my past. I had a lighted Santa similar to yours. I wish i still had those old decorations and my mom, my sister and my dad. There was nothing better than those vintage memories. My house is filled with vintage also. Its not junk, its what puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas James and Jamie.

    • Merry Christmas back at you JAcqueline!!!! And yes, smile on my face every time I open a box from the attic. I like having other people’s holiday memories now mix with my own.

  8. I always enjoy your stories. Thanks for sharing. I too love the old Christmas decorations and thet remind me of my childhood as well.

  9. I LOVE your ornaments. Truly gorgeous & so artistic. I remember so many of these as a little girl from going to the “dime store” in our small Midwestern town. A few weeks ago I found a Santa mug probably from the 60’s & have it on display. A reason now to hunt down old Santa mugs. Your home is lovely & filled with such charm and soul. Merry Christmas to you both & I know there will be doggy treat presents for your fur baby.

  10. What a fine collection you have! Those Putz houses are so charming. Lots of sweet memories for some of us older folks. Merry Christmas to y’all!

    • Thanks Nikki!!! Still haven’t found a place for all my houses…there’s a “forest” of bottle brush trees too…..maybe a small tree just of putz houses is in my future. Merry Christmas back at ya!!!

  11. Well, ok, I know you know how I feel about this, right? But now that I’ve finally sat down to read the whole thing I was delighted to see your Polish dolls!! While I have not really collected them, I know I have a couple from childhood (they are most likely lurking in the kneewall cupboard in my room in my childhood home – hopefully the mice have not stolen their clothes…yet) but I have always thought they are so charming. Oh, geez….next thing I know I’lll be hoarding them, too. Geesh. xoxo and Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas to you too Cackie! I hesitated to add the dolls, they aren’t really “Christmas”…….but they’re Christmas for me.

  12. This post is just fantastic, thanks for sharing! My parents still have some antique European glass ornaments that they had before I was born (and I’m a baby boomer)! I love seeing them on their tree every year and hope to inherit them so they can continue to be cherished. Oh! I also have that half-flat Santa (glolite)– looks like yours but I am pretty sure mine is flocked, not shiny. I found it a few years ago at a thrift store! One man’s trash….

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you guys and Harley from the frozen north!

  13. Really enjoy your blog and style. De-lurking to ask, how do you light up the C6 bulbs since they’re not standard?

    • Hi Luke, i bought a few vintage strands on EBay and at antique malls. There’s a dude in my vintage Christmas lighting collectors group that test rings them……I’ll probably have him restring them for me next year.

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