8 comments on “The Neon Boneyard

  1. We have been to this and it is really awesome! The tour guide we had was also good. It is nice to see the preserved and lit old neon signs in the streets in the old Las Vegas area. We also enjoy visiting some of the old school casinos down there (El Cortez, once owned by Bugsy Siegel). We got married in a chapel in the Container Park by the El Cortez – fun to say we got married in a shipping container! While the newer strip is the primary destination it is fun to check out some of old school Las Vegas too!

  2. I’ve been to Fremont Street, which was a total blast; but I will be sure to visit the Neon Museum the next time I’m in Vegas….thank you for the interesting information and great photographs!

  3. Isn’t it the coolest place?! I went several years back and they hadn’t built the LaConcha museum front yet, but our tour guide told us that was in the works….the tour guide told us so much Vegas history and “folklore” if you will. I think the Killers filmed a video there and I know there have been lots of other photo shoots. Love that place!

  4. Hello James,

    I love your blog. I have always wanted to see the Boneyard, now even more so. It seems every time I do an Internet search on something that interests me (Milagros, Radko ornaments) your blog pops up. Always well written, and full of beautiful photos. Your home decorating and exquisite tree are to die for! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow!. This has been on my list for several years, it looks such a great place to visit, especially if you are of an age where these might have been working in your lifetime. I would really love to see it at night. They don’t make signs now like they used to (thinks Times Square…..sigh). Thanks for this, living vicariously through you!!

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