29 comments on “The First Fifty

  1. Happy Birthday!! Great advice! It took me a long time to figure out life and to be happy with me! What is the old saying, too soon old, too late smart! Looking at 70 next year and I don’t know how I got here so fast!! Hang on….it sure speeds up after 50!

  2. Well said!! Happy Birthday. I’ve actually emailed you in the past. I live in Lakewood and we are kindred spirits. Same old house experiences, LOTS of the same books, and TONS of Christmas decor…you may have me beat in that category.

    Wise words, beautiful sentiment! Thanks for sharing your birthday with ALL of us, your followers.

    Hopeful that some day our paths will cross in one hood or another.
    Lisa A

    P.S. I’m trying your beet salad for T’giving. Anxious to share with friends at our thankful table.

    • Thanks Lisa. I lived by Casa Linda for a few years, and by the Lakewood Theater for a few more. I’ll bet we drove past each other more than a few times. If you do see me, please say “Hi”. And let me know how the salad goes over.

  3. Oh, James, this sounds like the happiest birthday EV-ER! Jeff and I wish the very best…as you said, it is yet to come!!! (Then go do the Time Warp again!) –Erik

  4. Happy Birthday James! Wonderful story of your first 50. I could relate to so many of your comments. You seem to have it all together and remember age is only a number. Can’t wait to hear about your next 50!

  5. Hi James. Happy birthday! Thank you
    from the bottom of my heart for this.
    I’m 55 and I just learned things I should have figured out a few years ago about myself and about others. I always think that you will get along better in life if you had to work for it. Yes, I took the bus. I think you should know your directions (NSEW) and use them. It orients you better to where you actually are. And don’t be afraid to drive in ‘the big city’. I live about 1 1/2 hours outside of Vancouver BC Canada in a farming area, and when I drive into Vancouver, I am most comfortable driving and walking there. Aging is not the most magical of experiences, but the things you learn, take in, love and appreciate along the way make it all worthwhile. All the best to you.

  6. Happy Birthday! I loved this post. I believe I will print this off for my teenage children to read. Very, very good advice!

  7. Wow. Wow wow wow.
    Thank you! I needed to hear every single bit of that.
    I’m am making everyone read this now 🙂

  8. Happy birthday and thank you for the terrific advice that I intend to share with my sons! I am 58 and I must say, the 50s have been pretty darn good. Yes, there might be a few more aches and pains but you really have more time to focus on the things that matter to you. I always look forward to your posts. T

  9. Happiest belated Birthday wishes to you! As always, great post! I am only a year behind but I sure can relate to so much of your post. This really is such a wonderful time of life, with that right combination of owning who you are and not worrying about people think about ( I mean in a healthy way) Best wishes to you on your 50th Birthday 😘

  10. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m 57 and never been happier. I think it takes life experience to reach this state, good and bad, it’s the path that brings us to true contentment. Happy 50th! A toast the next fifty, the road ahead looks promising.

  11. this was a charming post. I enjoyed it very much. And I can appreciate it since I’m in my … ahem … 60s … egads. But I have to tell you to get to Mexico City and enjoy Casa Azul. I simply loved it. It felt magical to me and I was thrilled almost beyond words. Mexico City is definitely worth a visit. The cathedral is fabulous, as is the tapesty/tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And a short distance from Mex.City is the incredible ruins of The Temple of the Sun and The Temple of the Moon. absolutely. Thrilling.

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