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  1. You sure have a lot of clothes but the Artemis shoes are the deal! I have several pairs of their women’s shoes! Good luck!

    • Aren’t Artemis shoes just the best? I have a few pair. The pair I’m listing (yes, at a bargain price) were made for my wedding. It was a HUGE headache and expense. When they arrived, 6 months later, they left off ALL the navy. The only color I wanted on them. Looks like they’re going to find a new home with someone who’ll appreciate them.

  2. You are a great model! Congratulations on the weight loss. That’s quite an achievement! I’m sure the clothes will fly off your site. All the best!! Christine.

  3. I have a BS in Textiles and Apparel from UT. For things you can’t sell and don’t want to keep, consider donating it to UT or another college with a Textiles department. When I was in school, there was a huge chunk of a building dedicated to clothing to compare quality, study preservation, used to prepare window displays – all sorts of uses for stuff like this.

    • No kidding? I’ve never heard that before. I’ll look into that. It’s certainly better than filling a landfill, that’s for sure.

  4. Got to this a bit late, but please don’t tell me you did sell these wonderful things. You look fabulous in them (serious congrats on the weight loss) and in this world of homogenized styles dressing I think it is your civic, if not humanitarian duty, to wear wonderful uplifting clothes that break the mold. Unless of course you need the money, but I hope you kept some and share some style and class. Be the Iris Apfel of your neighborhood. Just my opinion.

    • Aww thanks Michele. I’m sorry to report that I sold every single piece, except the orange bomber jacket. It was just too cool to let go of… just yet. The extra cash is always appreciated, but selling off my old clothes feels like I’m giving them a second chance. Especially to the vintage Polo collecting crowd. They are my people. I assure you, I will always be that guy who wears Kelly green jeans, and velvet slippers, and a Pendleton jacket to the grocery store.

      • So happy you still have the jacket – it was my favorite! I would so love to bump into you in the grocery store. Or anywhere else!

      • We usually run into blog readers at the State Fair. We get season passes and then go a couple times a week….. we only live a few minutes from Fair Park. So sad that they aren’t having it this year. We’ll just have to go twice as often next year!

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