21 comments on “Frosted Glass Hurricanes

      • I want to “frost spray” my glass door to dvd/tv unit to hide dvds, cd’s, it is smoky glass…what do you think? I tried to use film but did not want to do the cutting, etc. I want to do something more permanent..what do you think?

      • I’ll bet it would work just fine. Take the doors off the unit…and spray them outside. OOhhh, and be sure to tape off everything that you don’t want frosted with blue painters tape.

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog just recently. I loved this idea so much I did it today! I have been using an oversized hurricane glass for spare toilet paper in the guest bath for years (Martha Stewart idea, I think?). Anyway, was getting tired of looking at toilet paper as a decoration. Used this idea, et voila, newly chic toilet paper storage. I added an extra stripe of painters tape at the top for an additional detail. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. You can also put a design on them by placing a removable plastic decal on the vase before spraying . Be sure to remove it right after spraying so it doesn’t stick from the paint. These look real pretty when lit with the design showing through.

  7. Love your idea….here’s an idea for less permanent, take any old glass vase get the window clings and attach to vase, change out the clings to match the season….same vase different designs….

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