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    • I don’t understand the measurements of the 18×24 plywood or the top cross piece of 18.” From outside flange to outside flange the measurements are roughly 17″x23 1/2″ The picture shows only a 1/2″ or so passed the flange to the edge of the plywood. Thinking the size should be 18″x 24″ or use longer cross piece. Perhaps a typo should 18×24 plywood?

      • Hi Jeff, Holy Shit! Yupp, should be 18 x 24. Can’t believe that you’re the first one to catch that in 6 years. I even rebuilt this proje t for my book, and thankfully, I got the measurements right.

  1. It would have been almost cheaper,…and certainly easier, to buy the other one…..but the home-made plumbing pipe fixture is way more personal….

    • Nice Job on the rack and I will be using your idea for a rack myself. Only thing different will be that I will be building the frame (2×4) , applying the plywood then using pine 1″x 6″ ripped so that it covers the plywood edge . Once again great Idea and thanks !

      • Daniel, that sounds great. We’d love to see a picture when you’re done. If I ever make a second one (and I’ve had requests) I will use 1 inch pipe instead of 3/4……to really hold the weight of the logs.

  2. Quick update on the firewood holder that I coppied…I saw them at the store in the “deep discount” section…the tall one was $40 and the short was $20……and both were half off the sale price….No worries…I like mine much better ….

    • You have no idea how perfect this idea is for my set up. Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing it. I got Home Depot to cut and thread a 10 footer so I saved a bunch a cash. I think I’m going to stain the base a beach blue and distress paint the pipes. Hopefully I’ll make time to send you a pic when it’s complete. Hurricanes still keeping us busy. (Tree Removal /Trimming)scottkursch@gmail.com

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    • OK, we absolutely love that !!!!! just might inspire us for something on the side of the house. We do so many things with pipe around the homestead….wait ’till you see our garage.. we are lining the ceiling with pipe to hang signs….

    • HI Sacha, Does the wood base in your unit sit directly on the horizontal pipe base? It looks like it is just set on them. I am working on a design for a pipe wood storage and like you concept a lot. Thanks

      • @Administration — It does! There was no need to secure the two planks since they’re nestled between the hearth and the wall. It is kind of a pain to clean under it and around the legs, though, so if I had to do it over I would suspend the whole thing from the wall.

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  10. Did you cover the bottom with plywood after building the 2×4 support in the middle? I love this idea and hope to make one for someone for Christmas this year

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  12. Came across your site while looking for contemporary firewood holders through google image search… It’s now bookmarked and added to my favorites. Came across so many inspiring design ideas looking through your site. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Found you via a garden shed pin on Pinterest. Immediately was taken by your garage makeover and then your wood storage rack. Really like your style and will be checking in from time to time. Now back to looking some more at your garage.

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  15. Hi James and Jamie, I wanted to let you know I featured your firewood holder today on my blog post about DIY industrial pipe furniture, I just love this and think it’s even better than the inspiration photo! Have a great day. Sharon @ lilikoijoy.com

    • Hi Sharon! How cool! Headed to your site now to see how well we are represented. And yes, our is tons cooler than the original

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  17. I love this idea! My daughter and I are going to modify this a bit and make her a rolling clothes rack…oh the possibilities!!

  18. Thanks so much for posting this idea! I just got done making mine yesterday. One thing I’d like to comment on though is the dimensions you stated for the base- 18 x 28. I don’t think that is right because I used all the same exact pieces of plumbing you did and 18 x 28 was WAY longer than what you have in the picture. I ended up making mine 18 x 24.5 and that seems much more like yours. Maybe yours is 18 x 24? One other difference is that I used a plywood sheet for the bottom but I used seven 1 x 4s (cut to 18″) for the top. Thought it just looked a little nicer. I also made the base 4 layers thick (added strength and sturdiness) and silver casters instead of black (they hold more weight and were only 5 bucks a piece).

    Anyways- thanks again for posting this idea!

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    • Sorry this has taken so long…But I had to disassemble mine to get the sizes fro my upcoming book. The 2X4s are 10 1/2″, 19 1/2″, 13 1/2″, and 22 1/2″….Put them together to make 2 boxes. The outside edges, with a 1X4 trim piece are 18″ X 24″ when it’s all done.

  23. I saw this post last year and we are going to make one this winter. I am going to use a furniture dolly (on wheels) we bought for $14. I think we can make it work. Saves us a little $$. We heat our home with wood about 6 months out of the year and this will make moving the wood from the wood box to the house easier. Love this idea…
    I wish I knew about the deep discount and where to buy them… we have too many projects for our home and small children that prevent us from being too productive. 🙂

  24. If you wanted to build one for an outside porch would you use treated lumber. I plan on getting a sunbrella fabric cover

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  26. Awesome design. Thanks for the idea!

    I decided to do my version slightly different. Wanted a wider and taller version so used 24” on the cross pipe and 72” for the tall pipes. I also used 0.5” width for all the pipes – maybe I’m just being extra optimistic, but so far seems strong enough.

    I also did the base a little different, because I didn’t have my own table saw, and tried to figure out the easiest way to get the smallest number of pieces. Ended up going with 4 pieces of 4×4 cut to 31” length. I then connected the 4x4s with construction screws to each other (side by side), and connected this contraption to a plywood base (no plywood on top, because I liked the exposed 4×4 look. I used construction screws everywhere (maybe a bit expensive, but sure is sturdy).

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  28. We did this but on a smaller scale. We used a piece of particle board , the plumbing pipes, the flanges and two sides of a fireplace screen. I wish I could post a picture on here, you would love it !

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    • That’s a good question…probably about $100. I had the wood already…and some pipes. Funny thing. I went back to Wisteria when the inspiration pieces were on sale……and they were $20. HA! (Mine is much bigger anyway)

      • How much would you charge to build and sell one? We live in the Catskills and are looking for something like this.

      • I Suppose I’d just charge for the parts, but I think the shipping cost (It would have to be trucked) would be outrageous…..Sure you don’t know anyone locally who could make you one? Try Craigslist….Just a thought

      • Have any of y’all heard of a super maker named Jimmy Diresta? Great YouTube channel. He has a shop in the Catskills I believe.

      • Hey. For the bottom of the log holder, is it 18×28 with the 2×4’s and the 1×4 together to make the final size?

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    • Sorry this has taken so long…But I had to disassemble mine to get the sizes fro my upcoming book. The 2X4s are 10 1/2″, 19 1/2″, 13 1/2″, and 22 1/2″….Put them together to make 2 boxes. The outside edges, with a 1X4 trim piece are 18″ X 24″ when it’s all done.

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  37. My husband has made two of these since I showed him your pictures and directions. They are saving us a ton of work hauling and storing wood in our wood-burning, stove-heated house in Minnesota!! They are awesome!!

    • That is so awesome. I’m currently working on a book of plumbing pipe projects….and that rolling log storage is a star. Glad that I could inspire you.

    • Jean will you please get him to share the measurements of the cuts for the wood base please? I hope to build one this winter…

      • Sorry this has taken so long…But I had to disassemble mine to get the sizes fro my upcoming book. The 2X4s are 10 1/2″, 19 1/2″, 13 1/2″, and 22 1/2″….Put them together to make 2 boxes. The outside edges, with a 1X4 trim piece are 18″ X 24″ when it’s all done.

  38. So I was wondering what measurements you went with for the inside of the 2×4’s to make the base. Thanks, for the other measurements. Pretty nice looking furniture. Also noticed your fireplace did you fix it differently or was it like this before? Just have a house that is the same age and same coloring but hate the fireplace colors of ours.

    • Sorry this has taken so long, Ann..But I had to disassemble mine to get the sizes for my upcoming book. The 2X4s are 10 1/2″, 19 1/2″, 13 1/2″, and 22 1/2″….Put them together to make 2 boxes. The outside edges, with a 1X4 trim piece are 18″ X 24″ when it’s all done.

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  40. I love this but since it’s on wheels, why would you carry wood to it and not wheel it out to the garage, load it up and then wheel it back to the fireplace? Would seem easier to me 🙂

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  43. I’m making the rack this weekend
    I’ll have $100 total into this, I work in plumbing supply house, hence the cost
    But can’t wait to get it started!!!

    • That’s awesome! I just rebuilt this project for a book, and I’ve meant to update this tutorial. I’d love to see how your project turns out. Send a picture.

  44. I love this. I wanted to do this for a small space next to my fireplace like yours. Because my husband has no imagination, I had to show him a photo. Now his wheels are turning & he wants to make one with an extension for starter wood.
    Thanks for the idea

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  46. Hi there. For the unhandy person can you please tell me what catalogue you saw the log holder in? I would love to be able to purchase it.

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  48. Hi I really love this and want to make it myself. Can you please give me the measurements of the 2X4’s and 1X4?

    • Hi Samantha, Sorry I don’t have that info in front of me right now, but that whole project is completely explained in my book….with measurements…DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture and Decor on Amazon.com

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  54. Thanks for the inspiration! I just completed mine yesterday – albeit slightly smaller to fit the space.

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      • Saw your post on Friday when I was looking around for a log stand that was taller, rather than long. I made some modifications to the top to create a shelf for kindling, lighters, a a few other items that could be of use. Also wanted a top shelf to place my solo stove, which hasn’t arrived yet, when I not using. Your pictures and blog, got the balls spinning in my head.

      • Thomas that sounds awesome! I’d love to see a pic. So glad I could inspire you! That was my goal. Wait till you see this lamp I just made from pipes laying around in the garage.

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