27 comments on “Current Den

  1. Absolutely awesome!!! Your attention to detail and creativity is inspiring! Every corner is full of new discoveries! Thank you for sharing!

  2. James, looks great. I love your sense of style and creativity. It is such a nice reflection of the both of you! Shelly Abbott

  3. Just came over from Artie’s to see MORE of this fabulous room!!!! Love it and can’t wait to see more of your home. I’ll be a new follower. Pinky

  4. Thanks for emailing me! I couldn’t help but add you to my blog list – your home is wonderful! I’m so enamored with a small, basic house that has become spectacular through the homeowner’s talent. Looking forward to future posts and more pictures of your home. Sally

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  6. i know i have already said “love” 800 times on all my comments…sorry but i LOOOOOOOVE it LOL! love the dog skulls. love the entertainment area, love the wood rack. love that you love old junk. love the patches.

  7. This space is gorgeous! I just love everything about this. I especially love the doberman statue, we have a dobie of our own (real, not ceramic!). If you ever decide to get rid of it, call me! lol

    (I find you via Kara Paslay’s blog.)

    • Amanda, we’re so glad that you love our place!!! The doberman is a tribute to our baby girl Harley Davidson. They are by far my favorite breed…. So smart and loving! Every time I see that ceramic I think it’s Harley sitting there like a ” good girl”… Ha! Like she ever sits still without a personal agenda!!

      So glad that you found us !!


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    • Thanks Julie..It has been quite a change from how the previous owned had this house….we imagine that he reads our blog and says “Wow! my house could have looked like that”?

    • “Chief Sitting Bear” is an Edward Curtis photograph printed on scrim, We streched him over a custom canvas frame so he wasn’t so see through…We got him at Ikea about 5 years ago and sadly they don’t sell them anymore…but I have seen them on eBay a couple of times

  10. Love the Black fireplace! getting ready to paint mine (is red) black & I love the color you used. Was it Ralph Lauren granite or Caviar black? Love your home & blog

    • Hi Tammy, Jamie painted it RL Granite before we even moved in ….We LOVE it, makes it look chunkier too…

      And Thank you, glad that we can share it with you

  11. I suck at keeping up with blogs. I just ran across yours by looking up some canvas I have. I’m not sure why google images sent me to you but it must have been the stars aligning just right. I just moved to Ohio from Austin (my beloved home!) and I’m having an awful adjustment. Your living area is to DIE FOR. DO YOU HEAR ME? TO. DIE. FOR. I am in love! I have been in my new house four about three months now. It looks like we just walked in the door. I am inspired to change that very soon. Like now. Thanks!


    • Hi Valerie!!! Must be the stars, we are so glad that you found us as well. And really glad that you like our space…it’s all still a work in progress. Austin is soo cool, we love that city. Much of our house is inspired by Austin, the cedar, Texas flag, cow hides and the taxidermy whitetail deer in the master….OOOhh even the flower beds in front filled with cacti. Glad that we could inspire you.

      BTW, I was born in Ohio, Toledo…you won’t miss that bitter cold.


  12. I just stumbled on your blog while searching for home décor/DYI blogs, and I am in LOVE! You have a beautiful home, and your taste is phenomenal. I am so impressed! If I saw one more chevron + gold boring interior, I was going to scream. Your blog is such a breathe of fresh air, and your living room is amazing! Love!!!

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