7 comments on “Favorite Sweater

    • LOL, Don’t be laughing at my pain…I was sooooooo mad at her. We had only had her about 2 months at that point…….

      And I LOVE that sweater

  1. A BEYOND FABULOUS STORY!!!!! And I think your re-weaver did a miraculous job repairing your sweater’s “wounds”!!! Living in Dallas, I am tickled to know the name of a great re-weaver! Your niece is so adorable in her little costume, I can see why that picture is so dear to you. The sweater looks wonderful on you and I am glad you can get a few more good years out of it!!! I will keep my eyes peeled at my favorite thrift stores just in case someone ever parts with a similar one and I can snap it up for you!!! Happy Halloween, Guys!!!

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