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    • Thank you and trust me, If you did happen to know me personally you would have no doubt that this was the biggest thrill of my life. I’m glad that I can share that experience with everyone.

  1. You write the best posts and really bring the reader to where you are! I am amazed and so proud of you! This to was my life and my sons. Clothes only from Bloomingdales. Those were the days. I thank you for sharing with us and bringing us all to this wonderful event with you! I too am setting here crying…happy…amazing tears for you! I can just, feel your joy! Thank you my friend!

  2. James, this was an absolutely wonderful read. I am so glad you got to experience this and so well deserved. And you know I noticed some of the Indian blanket designs. Lol. So happy for you to a have made this trip.

  3. This wins my “biggest smile of the day, week, month…maybe even year”…….So wonderful! Congratulations! xo

  4. WOW! I am blown away! Incredible post! Loved every word and photo! AMAZING! Thrilled (and envious!) you got to attend. I, too, was instantly enthralled when first introduced to Ralph Lauren designs in clothing. I have a rainbow sweater vest hanging in my closet that I NEVER WEAR but would not part with for MONEY!!! My size has changed up and down over the years and there is never a time when his clothing does not fit me perfectly for the size I happen to be at the moment. I hawk thrift stores and yard sales hoping to stumble upon something wonderful, and have done so, several times. His Ralph Lauren Home line ALWAYS has me swooning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories and your current thrill!

    • Thanks Vickie…so glad you liked it. I was driving by a garage sale a few years ago and thought I spotted something “Navajo-ish”. It was a Polo Country vest from the early 90’s…and they wanted $15 for it. I snatched it up immediately. It “kinda” fits….I’ll never wear it anyway….But it sure looks great hanging on my peg rack. (btw, I’ve seen that same one on eBay for around $400)

      • Now that I see pics of your loves, I will keep an eye peeled for things you might love as well. The thrill of the hunt and ALL THAT!!! 😉

  5. Oh my God…you have me with tears running down my face! THANK YOU…THANK YOU for your post, incredible description of the show and the fantastic pictures!!!! I felt like I was a butterfly sitting on your shoulder for this spectacular show. My first piece from Polo came from Goodwill when I was in college. I wore it till it fell apart. Really thrilled for you that you were picked to attend…WOW!!!!!!! TRIPLE WOW!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Thanks Kathleen. I’m a huge Goodwill shopper too. And I score old Polo pieces all the time. I still can’t believe that I won either. When I checked in at the door…..I was waiting for them to tell me it was some kind of mistake…..but it wasn’t. YYYeeeahhh.

  6. Absolutely love the way you write Sean. Such an awesome story. That little store across from campus near Paddle Tramps was my introduction to the beautiful “Conversational Ties” you speak of, and honestly you are the one that introduced them to me. Now you show me Double RL and I’m in love

    • Thanks Jim….my mother wants me to write a book. You’re thinking of Stephen Craig’s. I loved that store. I’ve been finding those ties at thrift stores for a couple bucks for years. 30 years ago I would have cut off a finger for one, they were sooo expensive. RRL is amazing. Most all of it is recreated from vintage pieces they find. I have a fringed jacket I wanna be buried in and several western shirts with embroidery like stars and playing cards. OOOhhh and a Hawaiian shirt with Sailor Jerry-like images of hula girls. Adam Levine and David Beckham are both big fans too. That patchwork coat at the beginning of the show was AMAZEBALLZ.

  7. YOUR BEST POST EVER! Was always a big fan (of both Mr Lauren and you). Now I’m an even bigger fan. How can that be possible?

    • He’s left a pretty big mark on …well….American culture. That’s for sure. And I understand, I’m a bigger fan now that I was just a week ago….

  8. What a great post James thank you for bringing back my own memories. And what wonderful pics. Recently took out one of my husbands oversized 80’s era pink Polo oxford button down with frayed collar from storage – back when the buttons were real something – not plastic – and he wanted me to trash but I said “what if one of our boys has an “80’s party to go to ?!” I really hope you get those pants!

    • Thanks Chris, Save the shirt….I have a tub of high school clothes in the attic. And yes, I have had friends borrow stuff for 80’s themed parties. OOhhh and don’t you worry for one minute, those yellow cords are in my closet now……just waiting for cooler weather

  9. I’m so very happy you were able to see this show! You’ve been a committed fan of the brand as long as I have known you. I remember our shopping trips fondly. Much love to you and Jamie.

  10. I just loved this post. I’ve always been a RL fan. I have a cotton quilt that is a favorite and a men’s camouflage army jacket with POLO on the pocket. I have had it forever. Every time I wear it, my husband asks if I’m wearing that thing again, lol. My 82 year old mom has the same one. For decades, she has worn RL men’s linen shirts. The men’s department always had the best stuff! I would be happy living in a house filled with his rugged style furnishings. It’s wonderful you have such a passion. Keep collecting those ties!

    • Thanks Tracie, I have an olive green army jack that Mr Lauren produced about 20 years ago. I love it too, and every time I wear it my friends call me “Horshack”. Don’t you even worry about me passing up an ugly tie. I have no plans to stop amassing them anytime soon….

  11. Jeff and I are breathless….what a wonderful story you tell! And so happy you could be there!! We are right there with you, in spirit, standing collars and all! I will never look at my blue Monogram bottle the same again…maybe I should dig out some vintage Polo in the back of the closet to celebrate? Yeah…I should! Thanks again! –Erik

    • So glad you boys liked my adventure. I still have a bottle of Polo green……and Crest too….. not that I’d ever wear them now (if they even have a fragrance 25 years later) but They make me smile every time I open the medicine cabinet.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Susan. I never know if anyone really wants to hear about my life …. it’s really not that exciting …. but when I do write about it everyone always seems to enjoy my stories.

  12. Hey there….I too am a lover of Ralph Lauren. My obsession lies in vintage ‘90’s tartan “The Big Shirt” (s), which I have basically been living in for three years (not the same one…lol). I do my best to emulate RL’s decor using consignment shops and Craigslist…the “old English Country House “and “Southwestern Americana” really gets me in the giblets. Actually that’s how I found you! Amazing photos of an enchanting experience, thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Kat, belive it or not…I still have a couple “big shirts” …. in tartan, no less. Somewhere in the hoard there are even a few in store posters from the 90s. And yes, obviously that RL Southwestern style really cooks my chili too. 😀

  13. Once again, you have nailed it! What a lovely, thoughtful tribute to this man you have admired for so many years!

  14. Love❤️ love Love❤️!

    With all the negativity in the world, its refreshing you show all the positives and great things in this world! So enjoy following your adventures.

    • Awww thanks Lisa. For some reason I’ve been having a really great life these past few years (maybe it’s age plus wisdom) and I’m glad you like reading about it!

  15. What a great post! I love RL and everything he does! I know I am super late to this party, but glad I finally got a chance to read all my emails. What a treat! If you haven’t already checked out the podcast with Oprah and Ralph on super soul there is a two part series!

    • There is no “late to the party” Shae. Thank you. I’ve seen Oprah’s interview with Ralph at his ranch a few years ago, but I didn’t know there was a podcast. I’ll look it up. Thanks

  16. 2nd comment on this Post : did you see Jane Pauley’s interview with RL on CBS News Sunday Morning (12/9) I LOVE that he was wearing a 30 year old plus flannel (with required Henley underneath) – they even had the vintage photo to reference its age. The best part: it was from Kmart .

    • Of course!!!! We were just talking about that! That’s why he’s the MAN. I bought a Christmas themed Hawaiian shirt for Christmas parties from…. ready for it…… Walmart. It’s amazing too. $17 even. Style doesn’t come from any particular store….. it’s how you wear it that counts.

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