21 comments on “The Lesser of Two Weevils

  1. Those carpet beetles will do a number on very expensive violin bows. Surprisingly the bow that my son poked into the wall and then I put on top of a high cupboard for several years (out of sight out of mind) didn’t get eaten. Or the horse hair decoration for his Scottish glengarry that sits on a shelf out in the open. But the $300 bow safely ( I thought) tucked away in the violin case was shedded into tiny pieces. Come to find out from the luthier that carpet beetle love closed away dark spaces…….they don’t like light. They advised us to spray the case and put it out in the sunlight.
    Sounds like s good halloween story to me.

    • NO KIDDING??? Horsehair???? I know we have a few pieces with horsehair…but thankfully they are exposed to the daylight. I actually put a light in the linen closet that stays on with the hall light…….silverfish are still a problem around here. Unfortunately.

      • Oh they looooove horse hair. Alastdair Fraser the famous world renowned Scottish Fiddler ( look up Fire and Grace) had to replace his horse hair on his bow every month for quite a while. His bow probably cost $1000.
        When we bought a new cello the people gave us sachets of herbs to put in the case to try and keep off carpet beetles.

    • I KNOW!!!! RIGHT!!!! ANY bug, I felt like the dirtiest/nastiest person on the planet. Usually when that happens….I watch “Hoarders” and immediately feel better about myself.

  2. What did Orkin do? I live on LI and they have permanently taken up residence in one closet (ick, I know). Everything in that closet is now in an industrial sized ziplock (thank you, Dollar Tree). If we renovate I am ripping up the floorboards of that closet in this 86 year old house – I’ve read they live in them and a/c ducts. You can see I’ve done quite a bit of research .. almost too much. They also mysteriously appear late spring in one corner of my living room. Worse, I’ve in fact found them on inorganic items – why? I won’t call an exterminator because we have a cat. Glad they weren’t bed bugs!

    • I’m not sure what Orkin sprayed, but we have a dog….and it’s supposed to be safe for her. He did put sticky traps under the sinks, but they catch exactly 1 silverfish each. I haven’t seen any carpet beetles since. And i have been looking, trust me. When I redid our closets, I lined the back of each with cedar. And here’s the best part. I filled the cracks under the baseboards with dry lavender…..bugs hate lavender… and cedar…..and cloves.

  3. Nothing like a bug in the bed to send an adult into a major case of the heebie jeebies!! Living in West Texas, we have the fun bugs like scorpions….jeez…..why does everything in Texas either sting ya, stab ya, stick you or bite you?! We don’t have the house sprayed every year, because I really do try to keep things natural and organic here. I use herbs and essential oils whenever possible, but sometimes you just have to have the exterminator come and do his thing. Then we are good for a couple of years! Now if there was just a way to spray for the extermination of rattle snakes!

    • “why does everything in Texas either sting ya, stab ya, stick you or bite you?!”
      I am in Texas also and I am sure my coworkers appreciated my out loud cackle at this comment 😉

    • I’ve been lining the closets in cedar lately and pushing lavender into all the cracks. I don’t like chemicals in my house……but I don’t like bugs that eat me either……

    • I hear that! We had scorpions when I was growing up outside of Denton. We had to shake out the newspaper in the morning before bringing it in the house. They also hung out around the toilets in the bathrooms. Didn’t have many rattlers…..that was much more a Lubbock thing.

  4. The BEST start to my Monday morning! I loved reading this. And feel relief that I am not the only one who properly knows how to vacuum correctly in desperate times.

  5. Whew!!!! I was exhausted just reading what you went through..calls for a tall cold one/for sure! I’m glad it’s all under control.

    There was a bedbug out break in several movie theaters here in Phoenix recently. Seems the little critters were hanging out in the seats and when the people going to the movie got home with ugly bites on their legs and torsos they contacted our news stations. It’s been reported the situation has been resolved, but, I’m sticking to Netflicks!

    • EWWWWWW!!! Good argument towards Netflix, that’s for sure. We both travel a lot for work, so the possibility of having them is always looming.

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