24 comments on “Heavy is the Master Bedroom that Wears the Crown

  1. LOVE this! BUT I’m a little confused – if the largest board is 4″, and then you cover the 4″ front with a 1 inch piece and then a 2 inch piece, then only 1″ should be showing at the bottom – it sure looks like more…

  2. Ha ha ha! Love the title but couldn’t figure out what you meant! 😉 Genius crown design, BTW. I’m not formal, either, but I love a good crown. A room doesn’t look finished without it, + if you paint the ceiling an accent color, the crown really makes it pop.

  3. Looks really great, have not seen this for molding before, nice “informal” solution. By the way, love the “jauntiness” of the deer’s hat. He looks very pleased with himself. Happy Decorating!

  4. That is really nice! I have never seen it done like that before. Love it. Did you still have to miter the corners?

    • Oooohh yeah, I meant to bring that up. I didn’t! SSssooo much easier. The only places I mitered was the one exposed angle to the left of the deer head.

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