33 comments on “Is It Still Wallpaper if it’s on the Ceiling?

  1. Love it!! My question was going to be do the stars glow in the dark? But you answered that. I did lots and lots of wallpaper in my old house when it was still in style. I would’ve thought a ceiling would be easy cause there wouldn’t be corners and cutouts and stuff to go around but upside down? Nope. And that run? I think it’s their way of scamming us to buy more expensive paper. Bargain bin shopping? I actually papered an accent wall in my daughters room for $1.50!!

    • $1.50? I’m going to shop with you next time. This paper wasn’t too expensive al least. And it was 1/4 of the price of the raffia paper I almost used. But that paper would have been on the walls. 😐

    • Thanks Nikki, her ceiling with the stars was pretty spectacular. And the restaurant that inspired that ceiling, the Riata, is one of my favorites too. I would have lost it if she did that for me…

  2. Beautiful ceiling! So, I’m wondering. Did you build that bed? If so, I need instructions please. I LOVE IT!

    • Thank you. I was GOING to make that bed, but I took too long and Jamie bought one from West Elm. 😐 (He did that with our tool shed too.) But I COULD make one….

  3. What a lucky individual that gets to stay in such a well appointed and luxurious room. Bravo Zulu!

    • We rarely have overnight guests, so lucky for me that room stays perfectly styled like a little jewel box most of the year. Won’t it be a sweet surprise when we do have one and they see those stars glowing at night?

  4. Hahahahaha, I knew where this was going the minute I saw the words wallpaper and ceiling. First off, I love, love the paper. And I actually loved the paper you received better than your first choice. Being a wee bit older than you, I will tell you that I have wallpapered a lot in my life. My mother-in-law always said a little paint and paper fixed everything! LOL
    Now all of that said, wallpaper paste has changed. I think old paste was made from wheat and it was great stuff, there was lots of time to slide and reposition. Well that won’t do, let’s remake the paste so it doesn’t do that and it also doesn’t stick that well, hence the need for seam glue!
    Bless your heart for tackling that job that I know you will NEVER forget! It gave me my first smile this morning!

    • The navy color has grown on me, it looks more like a night sky that’s for sure. But turquoise has always been a favorite color of mine, and orange too. Hard to tell when our whole house is red and black….. my 2 least favorite colors. Glad I could make you smile first thing!

  5. Looks great! Oh, what you won’t do for Ralph Lauren. I bet you still have a stiff neck, ha.

    • Yes, it’s apparent that I have a favorite designer, but everything he makes is just so perfect. (Stiff neck, back and calves, for sure! I’m not getting any younger)

  6. This is your best post EVER! And that settles it: I will hire someone to hang the paper I purchased for my kitchen ceiling…..which I’ve avoided making eye-contact with for four years! (And I love that you also appreciate Grace @ One of a Kind…..a wee bit too giddy, but her results are unique and wonderful!)

  7. I swear….you both absolutely need a tv show to not only showcase your many, many talents, but, also your sense of humor! I’ve followed your webpage for years and you just keep getting funnier. Could it be the hunkering down?

    I love everything that you share …from your recipes,travel,found treasures and decor to your how to’s. The current shows that are out there seem too scripted, not real and borrrrrrring! I don’t think neither of you would sell out! Both of you seem so real with positive fun energy that I’d love to share a”Bloody Mary” with ya sometime!
    Maybe if my future involves wallpaper….I’ll consult with a pro. I could never complete a project with so many twists and turns. Congratulations!

    • Gloria, I’m so glad that we keep you entertained. I hear ya, I’m also pretty bored with everyone on tv as well. And I’ve actually had a couple producers reach out to me over the years. The last one was the production company that found the Fixer Uppers. They brought that up several times. (Insert eye roll) I pitched a show about remodeling a 100+ year-old elementary school close to our house. Unfortunately, they expected me to finance the whole operation. 😐 Jamie wants nothing to do with it, but he is my Ethel Mertz and absolutely has to be on the show. If nothing more than just to show his expression after spending 30 minutes listening to me explain how to photograph a margarita. I’d love to have a “Bloody” with ya sometime. I actually make one with carrot juice. It’s a “Bunny Mary”….. hmmmm, maybe I should post about that. Thanks for making my day.

  8. I totally LOVE this article and the room looks like what I would think RL’s mansion would look like. You have totally given me a few great ideas!

    • Awww thanks Tom! On the Third floor of the mansion is a RRL shop. It’s for Mr Lauren’s vintage inspired line. Old leather chairs, Metal trunks, Navajo blankets etc. it’s very much my style.

  9. You’re funny. You are Amazing. And I don’t believe for a minute you won’t do something equally amazing and frustrating like this again. That is what makes you amazing. What a beautiful end result. I had my doubts. Will you forgive me?

    • Patty, you have me pegged, Of course I’ll probably attempt this again – Not anytime soon though. I said I would never remodel another bathroom by myself either…. and, well, I did. And the second one went pretty smooth too. You are, of course, forgiven.

  10. This is FANTASTIC. Makes me really wish we didn’t have these damn crow’s feet ceilings. I scraped it off the closet ceiling and that was enough to know I never wanna do it again.

    • Thanks Derek!!! Our master bedroom still had popcorn ceilings when we moved in, I think the closets did too. Jamie spend 3 days scraping it all off, and coughing because he didn’t wear a mask. The guest room ceiling was by far the worst looking one. Sorry about your crow’s feet. If they’re really heavily textured… and you really really want papered ceilings… you could always drywall over them first. Jus’ sayin’

  11. Several things:
    Grace’s paper hanger, although she always seems grumpy, is an AMAZING woman. They make it look like she does all that paper hanging herself. EVEN THE CEILINGS! And it is always custom made paper that needs hand trimming and all that special treatment…
    I was lazy and cheap. Painted the ceiling dark blue, and covered it with several packages of glow in the dark stars we found at a kid’s science museum, placed in my favorite constellation patterns. Did this in my child’s room eons ago. It’s still glowing for me!
    And lastly, I checked back here to see how the master bath finally turned out. Am I missing it ? Where are the completed master bathroom photos? Or are you still living in a construction zone?

    • HI Penny. I hear you, I have a great wallpaper contractor. But he hasn’t worked for me in about a decade…. it’s always his assistant, David. And David is amazing! Your blue ceiling with glow in the dark stars sounds heavenly! If only my parents had been that clever. Ohhhh the master bath, (sigh). It’s “mostly” done. Once the glass went in, the room became too small to photograph. I will reveal, I swear. In the meantime, we remodeled the OTHER bathroom. (I know!) Completely. Finished grouting last weekend. I was just writing the post about it yesterday. Can’t wait to show y’all.

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