14 comments on “The Art of the Conversational

  1. I love this so much. My husband taught high school for 35 years and wore a tie to class every single school day. He has Jerry Garcia ties, John Lennon ties, a Tabasco tie, some very vintage (pre-Ralph Lauren) silk sporting image ties (fox hunt, spaniel dog heads, and sailboats). And some narrow knitted ties from that brief period. I am so old that I remember a well-dressed man in a suit and tie was uber-sexy.

    • I still think a well-dressed man in a suit and tie is sexy, like James Bond. AND John Lennon!!!! How could I forget that he was designing ties from the grave? It’s almost like Yoko just wants us to hate her. (BTW, I still have my skinny 80’s knit Polo ties too.)

  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of your impressive collection. I love all things Ralph Lauren, so this was an absolute treat!

  3. What wonderful ties! I saw lots of ties that lead to wonderful fabric by the yard. Ralph Lauren is just the BEST!!!

  4. Wow! Magnificent collection!!! Everything old is new again…one day….I know you won’t give up. Thank you for sharing! Enjoyed every frame!!

  5. Your wonderful collection (you were smart to save them) brings to mind a current rant of mine. Back in the not too distant past it was possible to purchase silk blouses, wool sweaters, cotton dresses and tops, etc., beautiful things at a middle market level. No more – it’s all overpriced synthetic junk. People have been “trained” to accept this as the new normal. I have wonderful pieces in my closets which I wear still. End of rant!

    • Hi Jean, excellent post and exquisite collection! If you’re ever looking to trim the “fat,” so to speak, I’m always on the hunt for Polo ties from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s! Feel free to reach out at dflores107@hotmail.com. You can also check out my blog and Instagram An Uptown Dandy to see some of my vintage Polo pieces. Always enjoy chatting with a fellow Polo enthusiast! Best, Dan

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