24 comments on “You Don’t Have to Put on the Red (Barn) Light

  1. Wow it looks wonderful! Great work! Turned down time into way way up time! Wish I was your neighbor, would love to pick your brain. You two have done such a fantastic job over the years. And I am a Ralph Lauren fan! Keep postin”.

    • Thanks Peggy. I don’t know what we will do when the house is “finished”. HA!!! Speaking of neighbors….. I tiled my neighbor’s kitchen backsplash last weekend.

  2. Looks fabulous! I used a Sharpie pen when faced with screws inside. Drives me crazy to see silver, too!

    Love your light fixture, fence, Lights. Looks so nice!



    • True story, on my second date with Jamie I touched up all the scratched black picture frames in his apartment with a Sharpie while he was in the kitchen cooking. I always have one in my bag for just such emergencies…… and to get that perfect curl on the ends of my mustache.

  3. I care about those details. I was thinking, when I saw the Testor’s bottle, “Dear Lord he didn’t go to Hobby Lobby!” I forgot Michael’s would have model paint. I love service station lamps. They are “dark sky” fixtures too, which means they don’t contribute to light pollution and they make it harder for aircraft to spot your home at night. And they don’t confuse newly hatched sea turtles. Which may be a plus.

    • You know how myself, and EVERY LGBTQ in the United States, feels about Hobby Lobby…. No thank you. I’ll just wait patiently for 40 minutes while the toddler at Michael’s finds the key to the paint cage. I’ve never heard of “Dark Sky” lamps, but that makes complete sense, especially in the early 40’s. We certainly don’t need the Germans dropping bombs on our driveway…. or anymore stray Loggerheads….

  4. Everything looks great! I had a top mount black sink installed this week on my black and bronze countertops. The plumber put white caulk around it! It looked awful so he removed it and said I would have to find my on black caulk. Well, the plumbing company did find some far away then said it was too difficult and tricky for a plumber to put around the sink and I would have to have a very good painter to come do it. So I succumbed to their suggestion to use clear. So disappointed……!

    • No, No, No no no no no……that just won’t do. Why exactly is using black caulk “more difficult” than white? That smells of a straight man making design decisions to me… They are just the worst. Our glass guys installed chrome hardware on the shower door while I was at work. Jamie sent me a pic and immediately I saw that it wasn’t polished nickel like I discussed. (They had to wait on polished nickel to arrive and thought I wouldn’t mind if they just used whatever they had on hand. Hmmmmmm) We held off on paying them until it was corrected.

  5. Beautiful. MUCH. MUCH. MOBETTA.
    enjoyed the post very much. I giggled twice and then a LOL!!!
    And don’t worry. I completely understand the color thing. My next car will be the perfect color to compliment our newly painted house. I never got over having a gold colored car that looked ghastly parked in the driveway.

    • Funny you should mention that…. I’ve always wanted an old red or turquoise pickup just to use for photo shoots. You know, with a wreath strapped to the grill…. or just parked in the driveway while I’m photographing my new red barn light. Someday, (sigh) And GOLD? hhmmm. That would have been a deal breaker for me.

  6. Really wonderful! ALL OF IT! I do wonder if a bottle of Revlon lacquer nail polish in red would work the same in a pinch, but I bet you already know the answer to that

  7. Oh! And you know…not only is the Devil red…but also in the details!! And you’re certainly are a devil, you! Wonderful job! It comes together beautifully! As usual!
    –Erik in NW Ohio

  8. Wow, it all looks great! Your hard work paid off. The fence really caught my eye in the “after” pictures.
    Good thinking, coming up with model paint for the screw heads. I had thought of automotive paint, but that’s probably more expensive.

    • Thanks Linda, I think the Fence still looks great…. it’s been almost 10 years. Although, truth be told, I have done a LOT of maintenance on it the past 2 months….. and I still need to stain the inside left. Probably this week. The weather has been beautiful, and Lord knows, I have the free time. OOOOHHHH, before the pandemic I reached out to an auto/body shop to powder-coat my metal outdoor chairs. Crayola orange, of course. I guess he didn’t need the business because he never emailed back with a price.

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