16 comments on “Playing Header Games

  1. It turned out super. I have the same issue only a much longer span. What is your wall color? I’m so done with gray.

    • It’s Martha Stewart “Fawn”. They don’t make it anymore, but Home Depot can still mix the color for you. just ask. Depending on the time of day, and the light, I think it looks like khaki chinos or a paper bag from the grocery store.

  2. Looks just awesome! What a difference! Your place looks just awesome. A Big LOL about how James has come around to your way of thinking. And it only took a crowbar! Ha!

    Always enjoy your posts, your home renovations, and musings.


  3. Really does open up the space! We have a similar feature in our entryway, I’m going to look into taking the header out, too. No pony walls to contend with, tho, thank goodness! 🙂

    Where did y’all get that front door? We have one of those standard, builder grade metal front doors with the wood core, you know? And on top of that, it’s solid, no windows. Ugly! I told the hubs I want to replace it with something mcm, which is the look I’m going for on our exterior…. Plus the entry could do with a little more light coming in, too. I do want either patterned or frosted glass for privacy. Anyway, long story short, LOVE what you did! 🙂

    • Thanks, It was a freaking mess, but every day I’m glad I did it. We found our door at a Builder Surplus place a few years ago. There’s a post about it somewhere on here (search “Mahogany”) We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! The one before was just a fiberglass builder’s grade number from Lowe’s…. with fake stained glass. UGGHHH! The only good thing about it was that we painted it red every Christmas… and Crayola Orange the rest of the year.

    • I know it looks like it should be. A structural beam (load bearing) will have other beams resting on top. This one didn’t have anything. It was thick so it wouldn’t bow from the distance it was spanning.

    • No, just took the doors off and removed the header. It’s got a curtain with grommets thru a big pipe for a door now. Same thing I did in the master bedroom. It’s in one of those ceiling pics, just looks like a window.

    • Thanks Roy. We’ve remodeled both bathrooms, updated the kitchen and just put in a pool. It’s close to finished….. certainly FAR from where she was 12 years ago.

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