16 comments on ““Smurfing” China

  1. James, I am so incredibly proud of you… I am sending this post to some of my clients who, are having a hard time letting go of items that they no longer use or need. Maybe you can be an inspiration… Bravo my friend!

  2. I confess to a SERIOUS dish addiction….too many sets of dishes to even catalog…store most of them in the garage…only place there is room…most are place settings for 12!!! I love your RL dishes…I don’t think I could bring myself to part with them…not after all you went through to have them. They are divine in their simplicity. But you know best….good luck….hope they are going to someone who will USE them every day and adore them, too. You are amazing…….!

  3. That is such a great story and example of someone who loves design. Makes me think I need to start purchasing some bowls from the collection I’ve been eyeing for months.

  4. Love this story of collecting…I don’t blame you for wanting it so badly…yummm…Ralph Lauren is so classic, too. Somebody is going to be very happy with this set.

    By the way, here in Florida…we have to show our DL every time we purchase a box of Sudafed. I bought a box for my daughter when she got sick a couple of years ago…not only did they swipe my DL…I was told could only purchase enough product to use as directed and any other purchases would not process. Moral to this story, if you’re going to manufacture meth in Florida, you have to know a lot of people or have a lot of fake DL’s. 🙂

    • I am niave to the world as well…and found it odd that allergy medication was by ID only…do I look like I would be making meth?

      I’ve seen a couple episodes of “Breaking Bad” since then…now I understand

  5. Here’s the truth…we CHANGE! What we love changes. It may not be that we no longer love it, we may just not love it as MUCH as we did. For me I know that is true with collections. I really appreciate your commitment and your patience to pulling this collection together. I suspect when you know it goes to a good home, you will be happy. Or, it could be Kind of like marrying off a daughter, you still love her (as much as ever), you’re just happy and blessed that someone else is taking care of her for a change….Keep collecting!!!

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