2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hi James & Jamie! I found your blog from the Apartment Therapy list. I’m really inspired by you guys and all the great things you’ve done at your home. I’m just down the road in Houston so if you’re ever in the neighborhood give me a shout! My husband has accused me of being addicted to Craigslist (as if that’s a bad thing) and after reading all your entries I went shopping. So far I’ve come up with a really great 12′ x 11′ American flag (fabric with embroidered stars $55) that I’m going to put on the wall in ‘his’ room and an old rusted red wagon ($30) for the side table to his ikea chair. Happy Thanksgiving Guys from your newbie! ~Dawn

    • Hi Dawn!! Welcome aboard!
      We can never have enough flags..the embroidered stars are the best! We have a red Radio Flyer wagon in the garage that we use for yard work (it is nicely weathered)…thinking about pushing it under the tree for presents now. Thanks for the inspiration.

      Happy Thanksgiving back at ya…all the way down there in Houston!!

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