14 comments on “We’ve Been Featured on Houzz

  1. That’s actually what brought me here! Congrats on the feature- your house is great! Thanks for all the inspiration. I love the bedroom and garage the best 🙂 …and the living room…and all the pillows 😉

    • Welcome Heather, So glad that you found us. We love the bedroom too, Our garage is a dream now (wish I had more before pictures, but really, WHO photographs a grungy garage?) The pillows? I’m a “pillow-Hoarder”..It’s an addiction, (huge sigh)

  2. I saw pictures of your home on Houzz. I live in Arlington and love what you did with your 70’s Ranch. Can’t wait to see more of your things. gayle

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  3. I loved your front door that was featured in Houzz article so I followed the link to your site and then REALLY fell for your design style. You’ve done such a wonderful job. Your home looks cozy and livable! I can’t wait for your updates! Thanks!! Debbi

    • Thanks Debbi, Our home is “our” style…kinda like a big scrapbook. We’re so glad that you found us, hopefully we will inspire you even more.

  4. I am an avid Houzz follower and the feature on your house led me to your blog. Usually I just skim through the Houzz features but your home was so amazingly layered with unique and interesting details that I literally spent hours yesterday going from the Houzz feature to your blog posts. Definitely the first Houzz feature that made me want to meet the owners! Great job and thank you for all the “how to’s” on your blog! Can’t wait to see what is next on the Cavender Diary!

  5. And here’s one more new reader thanks to Houzz! I live up on the NW corner of the Metroplex and love Texas inspiration. Especially when it’s affordable! The Christmas ornaments were a nice surprise… I grew up in NJ and saw them everywhere. Hope you guys have a splendid New Year.

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