6 comments on “Patch that Hole Like a Pro

  1. Wow! As always, you make look easy, so much so, that I’ll try that next time. Had no idea how to fix things like tat.Thanks for the informative post.

  2. You know that section in “Real Simple” magazine where you write in new uses for stuff you normally use for something else. I think using a steak knife as a saw would be a good write in! You might be a winner!

    • That is my Mother’s knife…..from about 30 years ago. I used to us it for cutting cardboard for projects when I was a kid and it’s STILL in my tool box.

  3. Jeez, Louise, never would have thought of that! I do ,however, use my trusty serrated steak knives for lots of unusual things I probably shouldn’t (my Cutco’s are awesome carpert cutters!).

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