6 comments on “nest-ing Instincts

  1. I’m with you on the flip phone suiting me just fine, until last Mother’s Day (when my daughters forced me into this century and upgraded my phone)…I was still counting “1…2..3 ” in my head as I typed text messages. lol

    Having said that…I’m really digging this thermostat! How cool are those features? I never knew the Nest existed…I’m curious to know how much your electric bill goes down now.


  2. Gotta show my husband!! He will love that. And I can totally relate to your Apple “dependency”!! I have the same addiction. 🙂

  3. Very nice, a thermostat with the apple aesthetic – our office is full of Apple products so this might just be a really nice add-on. Looks like the installation wasn’t too bad either. Man that thing looks slick.

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