26 comments on ““So Long, and Sorry About All the Pillows”

    • Ashley!!! I think you have AWESOME style..(and that speaks volumes)…I know the A.T. readers are pretty critical, I’d love to see their Perfect bedrooms.

  1. You got my vote (you really did I went over and voted) Pillow shmillo, it’s usually the hubby’s that complain about too many pillows so you fella’s are ahead of things. Good Luck!

  2. Your bedroom is great, but you know what would make it even better? More cowbell.

    Those are the most positive Internet comments I’ve ever read.

    • You know damn well that there’s a cowbell in that room somewhere!

      Read some of the comments left for other entries……AT readers are pretty verbal and brutal. We were ready for the onslaught of pillow related comments – and weren’t disappointed.

      • Mostly the pillow comments were of the personal taste variety (“too many for me”) than the hateful variety. That is a victory for the Internet.

        And I demand cowbell photo. I got a fever….

  3. Since I can’t enter from my iPad in my own bed, it’ll have to wait till I get my ass up but vote I will. That room is stunning, and you explained about the pillows so doubters can just hush. I love that room.

  4. Your bedroom is an all -time favorite of mine. Can’t ever just flip by it without stopping and drooling over every single thing in the room. For some reason, it also reminds me of this gorgeous lodge…www.spiderlakelodge.com

  5. I voted for y’all!! Then I looked at all the other bedrooms. Eh. None compared! Loved the comment “I’m female so it’s not my style”. WHAT? She’s HATE my house. Lots of horns and masculine colors and stuff. I love it! Yours was by far the best!

    • Awww thanks Ann, Apartment Therapy folks NEVER like animal parts, cow hides, taxidermy or the misuse of the American Flag..Hipsters are Very judgemental..no worries here though

  6. Have always loved this room…popped over to AT and voted for you guys this morning. The comments left on AT weren’t as bad as I have seen before…seriously, did folks think you left the pillows on the bed when you sleep?

    One comment did confuse me…one person is confused/bothered that the Virgin Mary is next to the cowboy paraphernalia…um, would the Virgin Mary not love Cowboys? Would Cowboys not love the Virgin Mary? Maybe it’s me who is confused…lol

    Have a great weekend!


    • People are silly, don’t understand why they think anyone wants to hear about what they don’t like….but they share it anyway

  7. I started following y’all after I saw your house on Houzz! I LOVE everything about your house, and especially your bedroom. I saw it on AT, also, and just shook my head at most of the comments. Anyway, I voted for y’all, you guys DEFINITELY have the best style of any of the other bland, blah, repetitive bedrooms in that contest. Good luck!

    • Thanks Natalie, we have our own style…it involves pillows, we didn’t know that so many people were afraid of pillows..hehehe

  8. I’m so glad that you posted this, as I haven’t been able to keep up with AT for the last couple of weeks. Very few of the entries that I did see for the contest intrigued me enough to even click through, so I was happy to be able to vote for yours!

  9. You are HILARIOUS! That AT crowd is so full of over-the-top opinions. So many, in fact, that I’m sure all their houses are amazing. 🙂

    You go rock stars!

    Have an awesome day!

    • You got that right sister! I would love to see some of those perfectly (but not so perfect that it looks too perfect) styled homes.

      Thanks for the stop by!

  10. I’m from Charleston, where everything is blue and beachy with sea shells. (BORING!) You two have the best style around the blogosphere that I’ve seen in years and I have learned so much about the West and our nation’s history since I became a follower!

    I know the contest was weeks ago, but I voted! My husband and I own a 50s ranch with small bedrooms and no closet space too, so I’m sure our bedroom would be deemed “crampy” by those AT folks. Take care! : )

    • Awwww thanks Christina, I agree that there isn’t much diversity in the blogs these days……mostly ” mommy blogs” and every house is neutral with pops of teal and white. Not to many homes that look like men live in them either. Glad there was a place for us.

      You are so sweet to vote for us. We were surprised that they even selected our bedroom…..it’s pretty far from everything else on AT. I never knew that a peg rack would be such a thorn with readers ( although I was ready for the pillow haters) . LOL

      Thanks for the love, and glad that you’re learning a few things too. I love doing the research.

  11. Found this room from Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I started salivating from the first 2nd I saw it. I went on AT and read some of the comments. Nothing too mean…just a lot of stuff about the pillows and rightly so because there are a ton of them, but obviously you’re not doing this for them and you lovve pillows so more power to ya! I think it looks heavenly. I love the rug and how you even coordinated the image on the computer screen! A lot of thought went into this. It is definitely going on my Pinterest board for favorite blogs and house tours!! Thanks for sharing your amazing space!
    Heather Adams, Spokane Wa

    • Hi Heather! So glad that you like our bedroom. We do too. And yes, I certainly like pillows!!! Didn’t think anyone even noticed my screen saver…….

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