7 comments on “Seaweed’s Beach House

  1. Ahhhhh . . . so THIS is the Doug that you keep pinning on Pinterest! He looked really cool + like the kind of person I’d love to meet! Of course, I super LOVE his outfits + his ‘stuff’! I just rearranged MY ‘stuff’ yesterday; I like to think he would dig it. 😉
    K A Y

    • Mr Lauren created a line of clothing just for him. RRL, based on vintage clothing finds. My big chunky favorite Navajo sweater is RRL, as well as my favorite western belts. Doug wears nothing but, and always layers like a vintage hobo……..or a famous artist.

  2. Doug………..This is Layne, Kathy’s sister and I’d like to post a few photos of your fabulous “outfits”
    on my Facebook page. I’ve been spotlighting my siblings on my page: “You Wonder How the Kids Turned Out: and hope it’s ok . I haven’t seen Kathy for a long time so I want to alert other family members about her. Hope all is well.

    • Hi Elaine, if you’re trying to reach Doug, this isn’t really the forum to do so….I’m just a humble blogger who happens to adore him, and as far as I know he doesn’t/hasn’t read my blog. You might try this email: Douglas.Bihlmaier@RalphLauren.com let me know that you got it and I’ll delete it from my comments, as I’m sure he would want to keep it private.

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