8 comments on “Next Time That You’re in Aspen

  1. Lovely place, but the prices start at $540 a day with a three day minimum. Would be nice to have a drink there, though.

    • OUCH…..I didn’t look at the prices, I’m familar with how expensive Aspen is…a drink will be on my to do list now,

  2. Wow, I thought my goodness this is beautiful, but then I checked out the room rates, and WOW wayt to rich for my blood, but so darn pretty!!

  3. O M G O S H !
    Don’t you just love a wonderful hotel like this?
    It kind of reminds me of the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, where we splurged + stayed with our dogs once.
    Dogs = kids for older couples, apparently!
    But I digress.
    TY for sharing; I now have wanderlust!
    KAY from redbirdv.wordpress.com

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