12 comments on “A Quick Course in Zuni Fetish

  1. This just made my night after a hard days work. James, you are just amazing. I really want to find one too! I was just so touched by all that you wrote. It was just wonderful. I felt so sentimental and moved. Love, Mary Jo

  2. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I want a bat! My eyes are now peeled. I have learned so much from your blog. Love it!

    • Hi Brie, glad we have a thing or 2 to teach. That bat is the only one I ever got in Santa Fe (pretty magical place) so he means a lot to me…..I don’t see may bats, but I’m sure they are out there

  3. The fetishes are lovely and hold such wonderful meanings! If I may ask, where do you keep this collection in your home? (Just wondering if I’ve seen it in pictures perhaps and never noticed?) I love soaking up all the information you throw out here : )

    • Hi Christina, there’s a glass box in our living room , on the pallet wood table that holds about a dozen, the rest are scattered around my desk and watch me write. Don’t think I’ve ever taken any good pics of them before …… So glad that I can teach you something new.

  4. Thanks for posting, I read it to my daughter to teach her a little. Im In Colorado, where at do you find these?

    • Now, don’t make fun of me…… But the rattle snake and the red wing black bird were both bought at the Denver airport. LoL, I know that’s sad, but I love them both. In other cities, I find them at native shops

    • Trader stores, antique malls and galleries in the mountains tend to be a good bet. Definitely see carvings at stores in Estes Park, Breckinridge and Durango for example. There are Southwest themed and Native American collectible shops in Denver and Boulder. You can also see them at estate sales and sometimes you’ll even find them in random bags of rocks or toys at the thrift stores. Or rather… they find you !

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