11 comments on “A Quick Course in Zuni Fetish

  1. This just made my night after a hard days work. James, you are just amazing. I really want to find one too! I was just so touched by all that you wrote. It was just wonderful. I felt so sentimental and moved. Love, Mary Jo

  2. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I want a bat! My eyes are now peeled. I have learned so much from your blog. Love it!

    • Hi Brie, glad we have a thing or 2 to teach. That bat is the only one I ever got in Santa Fe (pretty magical place) so he means a lot to me…..I don’t see may bats, but I’m sure they are out there

  3. The fetishes are lovely and hold such wonderful meanings! If I may ask, where do you keep this collection in your home? (Just wondering if I’ve seen it in pictures perhaps and never noticed?) I love soaking up all the information you throw out here : )

    • Hi Christina, there’s a glass box in our living room , on the pallet wood table that holds about a dozen, the rest are scattered around my desk and watch me write. Don’t think I’ve ever taken any good pics of them before …… So glad that I can teach you something new.

  4. Thanks for posting, I read it to my daughter to teach her a little. Im In Colorado, where at do you find these?

    • Now, don’t make fun of me…… But the rattle snake and the red wing black bird were both bought at the Denver airport. LoL, I know that’s sad, but I love them both. In other cities, I find them at native shops

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