11 comments on “Drunken Fig Jam

  1. Oh how I love figs and I will try this recipe, (if I can find some decent figs in this country). When I was a little girl growing up in the South, both sets of grandparents had fig trees and both grandmothers made fig jam every season. When I lived in New York, ONE FIG cost a dollar at the Korean fruit and veg stalls. Figs for me are like Madeleines for Proust, evoking memories in all their deliciousness.

  2. Oh, how I wish I were on your list of drunken fig ham giftees. I love figs (both their taste and visual appeal). This sounds absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  3. Ugh, ‘drunken fig ham’? How did THAT happen. (Okay, maybe my stomach growled at your mention of pairing this with pork as well.) I swear I haven’t been eating any drunken ham, nor am I one myself. I meant drunken fig, of course. So sorry about that.

  4. I love figs! Found some at our local Safeway supermarket last week and I ate all of them in that $5.99 box–over several days, not all at once! It’s the lemon zest that makes fig jam so wonderful. My mom always put whole cloves in hers, too. I usually doctor up the ones I buy to suit my taste.

    • We lucked into it, was here when we moved in. The fence builder said it would never live…and 3 years later…Harvest!!!! ‘corse it fed the neighborhood squirrels and birds all summer.

    • Hi Daniel, I did not know that was possible. I’d be up for a trade. You’ll have to tell me how to do it. Winter hit this week, and our poor tree has lost all his leaves. Is this a good time to cut, or should it be when the weather is warmer?

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