11 comments on “A Vintage Summer Get-a-Way

  1. I’m deeply disturbed by the Cuba one. Terrible thoughts are going through my head about why she’s hunkered over Cuba (clearly there’s something wrong with me).

    By I love the San Sebastian one. May have to purchase once I figure out what to do with all my other unhung art. Great post as always.

  2. PS. I couldn’t find the San Sebastian one as a poster but cafepress has it as a shower curtain! Fabulous!

    • I love the pirates in the clouds on the fly Caribbean one.

      And when did they promote Cuba a a tourist destination? Pre-Castro I would assume……I love that her face is hidden behind that giant hat

  3. These remind me of the days (that I’ve only read about) when flying was a special event that folks dressed up for … I like the Vespa one, too, but what’s up with her eyes?

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