8 comments on “Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Shoes

  1. I love your blog and have no idea how I missed your January post (which I just checked out) and being a Canadian gal let me tell you, you can still buy Hudson bay blankets at the “The Bay” web site. I found one at our local Salvations army a few years ago and it proudly holds court at the foot of the bed for as we Albertian’s know nothing keeps you quite as warm as wool (except maybe for central heat 😉 !!

  2. they’re AWESOME! I got some new converse last week and they felt too tight, so I looked into other ways to tie the laces. did a ‘parallel’ tie. Kinda cool to try something different!

    I wanna see your tats. Another blog, maybe?

    • I was questioning the ink in this pic….(One foot in Hell, and the Rebel insignia.)….I you wanna see any more of my tats, you have to buy me a few shots first….

    • I haven’t worn them yet, just 5 minutes in the front yard……to take pictures. Pretty sure that striped shoes would stick out in any neighborhood.

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