3 comments on “November 22, 1963

  1. Between the photo + that last, very descriptive sentence, one can almost imagine being there. We’ve been watching a lot of the TV coverage, which has been simultaneously fascinating + depressing. Interesting that you live near the Texas theater, because their signage is fantastic. I wondered if it was still there. Some other interesting tidbits: all the cowboy hats, the women’s scarves, + the news personnel smoking like chimneys on the air. Oh, and no women reporters.

  2. I was there that day in Washington. We lived in Northern Virginia, I was 13, our Dad took us to witness history and pay our respects. I saw it all… I saw the caisson role past me, no more than 15 feet, the flag draped coffin, the spirited young horse (his handler having a little trouble keeping him calm), fully saddled with the riding boots backwards in the stirrups. The mood was so very solemn, so sad. I still get a chill when I think of it, it remains one of the pinnacle events of my life.

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