16 comments on “The Big Ornament Wreath for 2013

  1. WOW! I am super impressed. You have a lovely collection of vintage ornaments. Love your blog too, it makes me homesick for Texas.

    • Thanks Carolynn, we always seem to have a little “Texas” in everything that we do……. Glad that we can spread that to you…..thanks for the note

  2. Loved the slideshow! Loved the music! The wreath is gorgeous! The skull made me laugh! Thanks for a fun start to my day!

  3. Good job on the video! The credits cracked me up! You are a patient man… Patient to collect all of those beautiful ornaments and patient to assemble that wreath. It’s fabulous- just like everything else you do! You have given me wreath envy 🙂

  4. The wreath is gorgeous!!!!! I am so in awe of your creativity, skills and patience. The video was fun too – made me want to have some eggnog! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • We don’t take ourselves too seriously in this house.. That skull is an old teaching piece….the dome is hinged, and we serve dip out of it at Halloween parties.

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