10 comments on “For the Love of Bauer Pottery

  1. What a hero. You gotta love folks who follow their passion. And who doesn’t love cheery colors (and no lead paint).

    • I’ve been told that we can’t eat off the vintage pieces because of the lead….but we still do…I just have to mark the older pieces so they don’t go in the microwave by mistake…..

  2. They look a lot like my favorite, Fiestaware, which are also made in the USA. I wasn’t aware of Bauer Pottery. I will keep my eyes open, you never know when you wil run into a one in a million find 😉

    • Many people mistake Bauer for Fiesta and vice-versa…Vintage Bauer is heavier…and Fiesta rings get smaller towards the middle of a piece…usually…I LOVE them both

  3. Thank you for this very wonderful eye candy and informative piece. Loved reading every word. I will be following y’all because you touch on many of my heart delights. I have collected vintage pottery for years, but usually in the deep pink tones (think Hall restaurant-ware) but have some turquoise too. I’ll have to check later. Currently they are on the sun porch which is about 15 degrees (Michigan).
    I “found” you from Eclectically Vintage–your home tour. Love the way your blog is laid out. So beautiful. I may need to “upgrade” mine lol. Blessings on loving your home.

    • Always nice to find a fellow collector (hoarder) of pottery. I started with Fiesta, then Russel Wright, now Bauer..there’s even some Yellow-ware in there too. OOOh and Frankoma lately. Whatever I can find a junk stores. We had to update the kitchen so there would be enough room for everything…luckilly, nothing is on our porch right now. Welcome aboard…

  4. So glad to see the old traditions reborn. Congrats on your endeavor & God bless. If I still lived their I would buy this stuff like crazy. But alas my sis-in-law owns a Fiesta store & I get my colorful pottery fix there. But…. I have some good old Bauer pottery that was my grams. So have a question for you. One piece is a large 13 in hand painted plate. It is not glazed over because some of the pain is damaged. Cannot find anything like it on the internet. Any ideas on how old it is?

    • No clue Tami. I do know that they did quite a bit of hand-painting and custom work. Could be that you have a pretty special piece.

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