14 comments on “A Quick (and Easy) Mediterranean Salad

  1. Yum. My chillren won’t eat this but, hey, more for me, right? I think I’ll sub feta for the goat cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Kid loves something like this made with quinoa, zucchini (raw, even!), fresh cilantro, and no chick peas. I’ve never made couscous but I hear it’s ridiculously easy. Must try!

  3. Made this excellent recipe tonight. Thanks. Mine was kind of “wet”, almost mushy. Is it supposed to be flaky, like rice?

  4. I made this the Saturday following your post. It made a lot and I’m so glad because I’ve been eating it every day since. Today for lunch I added tuna. It’s so good I wanted to eat it with a huge serving spoon but I’m at work and folks would point …

    James, have you made this with the couscous pearls that I spied on my grocery store shelf? I wonder if the pearls would soak up the yummy marinade like the regular kind.

    • So glad that you liked it!!!! We add grilled chicken sometimes, but tuna is a great idea too.

      I have never tried the big Israeli couscous, but ill give them a shot as well.

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