8 comments on “LIFE Magazines That Never Were

  1. My husband was one of 1500 motorcyclists at the Barstow to Vegas Race! It’s the photo on the fake cover dated Sept. 3, 1971. That was his one race on his motorcycle and still talks about it. Fun photos.

  2. Those are great! The fake Beatles cover is dated the day before my birthday! But my fave might be the one of the moviegoers with their 3-D glasses. Not because of the glasses, but because of how dressed up they are. A suit, to go to the movies? I’m guessing you weren’t dressed like that when you saw Walter Mitty the other day!

    • My brother gave me that picture years ago..it’s framed in our den now. I love the suits and ties also. They seem to be standing in the isles too. OOOh, we still haven’t seen Walter Mitty…but might one day.

  3. My husband was suppose to be one of the guards on President John Kennedys Gravesite and said there was a picture of him when little John John and Caroline were there could you please send me a copy of that picture showing the tomb guards ? When we visited Washington they took us down under to see where the guards are it was amazing.

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