9 comments on “LIFE Magazine – July 13, 1942

  1. I’m such a dummy bc I showed this to my Former Marine husband when I should have just bought him the t-shirt for Valentine’s Day. It turns out that was the same gun his grandfather used, and he may have even trained in Las Vegas.

    Is it weird that young guys in old photos always seem to look older than our current young guys? Or is it just me.

    • We think that he looks a little like Matthew McConaughey……the high-waisted pants don’t make him look young…….(you can still order him the shirt)

  2. You just found the perfect gift that I’m ordering today for my husband! Thanks! Well, he won’t look like the young man in the photo, but I don’t care. I think we’re going to have to move to Texas to find cool things like you always manage to find.

    • I do love junk stores, garage sales…..and piles of trash on “Big Trash Day”…you don’t have to be in Texas for any of those…Are you getting him just the t-shirt? or the LIFE magazine issue to go with it?

  3. Great post! Love the magazine cover. And the history lesson. I had 4 uncles who served in WW2. Thankfully, all came back alive and (physically) unharmed.

    • My Grandfather was in the Navy, leaving behind my grandmother and my 2 little aunts, after he came home – with tatoos and a foul mouth – my Mother was born 9 months later….

  4. Hi guys! I’ve been reading your website for several years and loved not only this post when I first read it but also the cool framed magazine cover. After a recent trip to the Denver IKEA I finally made my own…several years later. I would post a picture of it if I could. However, here’s a link to the cover I used:


    Thanks so much for the inspiration and the awesome site.

    • Hi Chris, that is just awesome. You know that we’re “dog people” in our house. Jamie has a couple framed Lifes in his office, and I know he’ll want to add one like yours when he sees it. Glad that we could inspire you!

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