32 comments on “We Hate Our Bathroom

  1. Oh, my GAWD!

    No offense…but I agree, your bathroom is in serious need of some decorator lovin’! lol Instead of taking a picture WITH Matt…you shoulda had pictures of your bathroom on your phone to SHOW Matt. Clearly, you need to brush up on your stalkin’ skills. 🙂

    I say…continue stalking Matt and send him a copy of the picture you took with him (heck, make it an 8×10 glossy and autograph it for the fun of it) along with the link to this blog post. Maybe he’ll have pity on you guys……lol……..just sayin’……….

    Hugs, Tina

    PS…can’t wait to see what you guys do with the bathroom this year.

  2. Tinkle? That’s hilarious! But I know exactly what you mean! I think the first idea photo is the best, did you find them on Houz? I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, I know it will be awesome.

  3. James, you are right, your bathroom needs help! However, my crappy bathroom could beat the “tinkle” out of your crappy bathroom! Thank God a contractor is making a visit this Tuesday, to get started on a remodel! Love the ideas you posted! (BTW, I refer to our master bath as “the locker room”.

  4. You should definitely contact HGTV or the DIY Network! Even if they aren’t casting for your area right now, they might make a special trip considering your blog following and your project!

    • Dawn, you are so sweet!!!! A casting agent for DIY was sending us emails a few months back, but the auditions were always inconvient for us…someday, maybe

  5. Yep, pretty bad. I say contact all the makeover folks because you have a great blog. I just love it. I am not quite sure they would do as fantastic a job as you do though with you great eye. Good luck.

  6. Tragic but the pictures you posted of what you really want we’re exactly what I had pictured you doing!!!!! Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you do in there. The house is amazing!

  7. It must be so strange for celebrities to get into conversations with fans, I don’t know how I’d react either! Those inspiration pictures of yours are lovely though, I have nothing but faith in how it’ll turn out. Good luck!

  8. Definitely install a slate floor. It will look incredibly handsome! Looking forward to seeing your demolition photos! That’s always a fun part for me. Once that’s done, you’ve got a world of possibilities, and a slate floor…that would be awesome!

  9. I love that Matt was like ‘where do i know this guy from have we met before did we go to school together who the hell IS this’? (his obvious internal dialog).

    I love your bathroom ideas! And I’m totally with you on the control thing. I’d love to have some show fix up or add on to my house, but I’d have to choose and ok everything!!

  10. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing that would happen to us: the fateful this-must-be-a-sign meeting followed by the perfect, not-weird, opening the door on the opportunity that then results in a big fat nothing.

    I do still think it’s some kind of sign though. 🙂

    • Tiffany, I believe in signs too. I had already written the post mentioning him…then running into him made the story even better….def kismet

      • Two things: I just realized that I know one of the Crashers producers but turns out he only did Room Crashers and Kitchen Crashers, but I could always reach out if need be.

        Then, right after I wrote that last comment, I got a call with one of the BIGGEST opportunities of my lifetime. I was like “Holy Crap don’t let this be one of those things that I JUST talked about, that’s SO huge and then goes nowhere.” Fingers crossed. Cross everything, it’s that huge.


    And…. My bathroom makes yours look like a posh hotel…. Harvest gold plastic shower stall. Avocado green with gold flecked vanity top and harvest gold linoleum. Hid-E-Ous!! Best wishes!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. You don’t need any help from Matt! The taste and expertise you have shared the past four years prove you are up for the task. It could be fun to be showcased on DIY, however, you will make it your own and be more proud of it. I love the first inspiration photo but I know your choices will be impeccable. Looking forward to your beginning this exciting project.

    • All their inspirations look great (guess we are all on Pinterest) We have the same want of an industrial looking shower stall…Thanks for one more blog for us to follow

  13. OH MY GRACIOUS. That’s just…I mean it’s…um, wow. Grandma definitely had a potty party with that room, didn’t she? The horror…the horror…. but can’t wait to see the end result which I KNOW will be ultra-fabulous!

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