48 comments on “A Texas License Plate Becomes a Box

  1. That is too clever! Now I will be scouring the garage sales for cool license plates! And then handing them to the mr. so he can get busy with them.

  2. Your home and ideas are truly a treasure trove. I just want to come over and wander {snoop with envy} around looking at your fabulous ideas!

  3. Very cool! Love it. (but aren’t the edges sharp? I worry about that as I tend to slice my fingers a lot …you know paper, knives, cardboard) 😦 Then again maybe it’s just me.

    • Hi Amanda!!!! Didn’t know you had time to cruise other blogs…..(Love yours BTW) I’ll bet these would be great filled with small succulants…HHHMMMM

  4. Just a note, if you’re using Michigan plates, the 70’s are the way to go for sure. I used one from ’78 and it worked great, whereas my plates from the 90’s were way too thick, which only becomes a problem when bending on a letter/number, so both short sides were difficult to fold over. I also used an orbital sander to smooth all the cuts – I’ve got small children and drunk friends, so someone was bound to slice their hand if I hadn’t!

    • I love those old Michigan plates with the American flag….I have one here somewhere. Great idea to sand down the edges. I have some friends that are familiar with the drink as well……

    • If you use the thicker license plates, you could just use a decorative piece of wood at either end. Then tack it down with nice looking nails or gorilla glue the ends to the license plate. Then you don’t have to cut the ends and have your box done quicker.

      • Thanks, I like that idea too. The box would be slightly longer too…maybe it holds mail, or something. I’m always trying new things with old plates….I’ll give one a try.

  5. I thought that on your article on “Hometalk. a women replied on how unique the boxes were. She wrote that she’d love to make one, ” PROBLEM “, no chance of getting a plate. You replied saying you had thousands of them. Does that mean you have some for sale? I’d like to make one for my son, who worked on a crab boat in Dutch Harbor, AL this past season. His boat ” Neptune 1 “, wound up sinking in the Bering Sea, fortunately all crew members were rescued. As he stated, “too close for comfort “, a time he began looking at life differently, and started smelling the roses—–as they say!!

  6. OMG, I love this project and just happen to have a lot of old license plates hanging around (just waiting for a cool project).

    BEST of ALL – no power tools !!!!
    Kudos guys

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  12. You don’t know how lucky you are we in the uk have plastic licence plates so we can’t make all this really cool stuff

    • Sorry Robert, didn’t mean to tease you. I’m not sure UK license plates are the right size anyway. However….you can always buy some old American plates on eBay or Etsy and have them shipped….

  13. OK, I thought these were so stinking cute that I HAD to make one…and I just did! Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I had a little trouble with the end flaps but in the end I realized it really didn’t have to be perfect. I think I might try it with a plate that has smooth letters/numbers instead of the raised ones next time because the metal didn’t want to bend through the raised number. Not sure if that makes sense. Or just use a plate that has a number/letter with a straight edge (like a 1 or D) where it’s going to be bent. Boy, you’re not kidding when you said to wear safety gloves! I didn’t but I was extra careful! Those cut edges are like razor blades! Anyone wanting to try this: You can ask for old plates on Craigslist or just ask friends and neighbors to save them for you when they have to get new ones. You’d be surprised at the number of people who keep them!

    • Yeah, they can be a little sharp…..I’ve been advised to add ahead of hot glue along the cut edge after it’s finished.

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