6 comments on “Tomato Can Orchid

  1. Love the mixture of can and orchid…I started using water with a little orchid fertilizer and freeze in old plastic ice cube tray. One of the big box stores sells “ice cube orchids” probably to keep people like me from over watering. So, I figured I could add a little fertilizer to the “cocktail.” They bloom pretty reliably year after year.

    • What a great idea! I’ve used ice cubes before in my stores, they melt slowly and keep them moist. But I Rarely get an orchid to bloom again…..

  2. I look forward to your posts because I always know I am going to learn something or get some great ideas! I can’t believe how great that orchid looks in that can!

    • Hi Tracie! We’re so glad that we can spread a little knowledge to people! And of course that orchid looks cool……I knew that it would all along.

  3. I have become addicted to orchids as well! We live “Up North” where the sun tends to go to sleep in the winter months, so my orchids look sleepy as well and don’t bloom! But WOW do they wake up at the end of January and give me hope that spring is coming! I have found that when a stem is done with it’s blooming I cut it back and dip the end of the cut stem with cinnamon….(read that on an orchid blog) and they amaze me with double new stems each year! Thanks for the idea of taking them out of the pot to water, I love it! Keep inspiring us guys!

  4. That turned out beautifully! In the last few years I’ve come to believe that plants and flowers are so much more fun in an interesting container rather than a vase. I’ll show this one to my mom…she’s the queen at growing orchids.

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