19 comments on “New Kidz on the “Splash” Block

  1. Sooooo entertaining as always. To top it off, I never knew there was such a thing! I need to go outside and see what’s under my gutter–lol.

  2. OK, I NEED these! First of course, I need to buy the extra four feet of gutter that the former owners coud not be bothered with, so if you ever think you have a lock on ugly, just check out my house!! I saved myself a trip to HD and Lowe’s, but I wonder where I can buy these babies here in Maine (or as I like to call it, “on the tundra”.) But you have given me hope.

    OH, BTW, I actualy HAVE one of those concrete thingies in my yard, it is about two feet to the eft of the gutter, so…yeah.

    I Love, ove love your blog!

  3. I LOVE you guys!!! I would SO have done EXACTLY what you DID: drive all over hell and half of Georgia to get what I WANTED!!! I was thrilled to learn about this company…I work in Garland…so now we can get 5 or 6 of these for our humble abode!!! We DID try the plastic ones before….they SUCK!!! Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting for us when it came to locating the best deal EVER!! Love your styling, BTW!

  4. Do you have it installed backwards? Do you want a dam at the end, ensuring that the water makes it back to the foundation? Just sayin.

    • Dawn that was my thought too….seems like you are encouraging the water to run back against the foundation of your home and in reality you would want it to run away from the foundation.

      • and mosquitoes too because it will occasionally hold water at the end for very short periods of time in the Texas sun.

  5. #1, Ours are in backwards too. I never would’ve thought of it until the landscaper replaced them that way after doing some work. I think it makes erosion less of a problem indeed.

    #2, Yours look very nice how you have them but please make sure water is being directed *away* from your foundation. My husband is a forensic engineer and he tells me so many stories in which water around the base of the house is the enemy. Ugly or not, an extender on the bottom of the downspout might be the way to go.

  6. Can’t wait to find my own “concrete thingys”! I only hope I don’t have to go to the extent that you did…which by even voicing that thought, will now turn this little project into a disaster…that is how it always goes!

  7. We got ours at a landscape nursery, but we also have dug out and attached the black plastic like 6″ tubing from the downspout down into the ground and run it out, away from the house so many feet, or you can run it into your garden or shrubs. But that can be back breaking, depending on where you want it to end. But totally enjoyed your post, as always!

  8. The end result is very pleasing but please turn the blocks around. You would not believe the gallons of water that come down a gutter and you really don’t want all that water pouring into your foundation. You guys are great!

  9. Not backward!! This is the way all are supposed to be located. Named backsplash because the water hits the barrier in front then splashes ” back”! This slows the water.
    Less erosion this way.

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  13. Going thru the same machinations in Ft. Myers, Fl trying to find a a quality splash drain that won’t wash or blow away in a strong storm which we have frequently. All of our experiences support my theory that most big box business really only inventories what is convenient for their business and not necessarily what the customer really wants or should have for the best solution.

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